AUGUST 20, 1998

PROJECT MANAGERHelena "Lenka" Culik-Caro(510) 286 - 5759
PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICEAnne Tobias(415) 989-1446 (EXT 12)
PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICEGreg Bayol(510) 286 - 4444
CONTRACTORMorrison Knudsen,Traylor Bros, Week Marine - A Joint Venture(208) 386-6545


Community Construction Advisory

Construction Continues
The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the construction team are making significant progress on the retrofit of the San Mateo-Hayward Toll Bridge. The project is part of Caltrans' Seismic Retrofit Program, a statewide multibillion-dollar effort to modify the structural design of many bridges in California. The bridge will be strengthened to withstand a maximum credible earthquake with a minimum risk of collapse.

The next critical component of the retrofit work is a pile driving operation on the two remaining components of the bridge. Work will be conducted on the High Rise, the portion rising above the Bay and extending over the marine navigation channel and the Trestle, the long flat portion of the bridge. The work involves driving large steel piles into the Bay mud to increase foundation stability and upgrade the bridge to seismic safety standards.

Target Schedule and Hours of Work for Pile Driving Activity
Pile driving activity along the entire High Rise is scheduled to begin in late September and continue over a 10-month period. Work hours will be 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday, except for the following locations:

How the Construction Affects You
Caltrans is making every effort to keep impacts to a minimum and to minimize inconvenience to the public. We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this important activity.

TrafficTo ensure safety for motorists, however, the outside lane (eastbound or westbound) adjacent to the critical pile driving activity will be temporarily closed during non-rush hours. The lane will be closed as needed over the 10-month period to ensure public safety during the critical piling activity.
NoiseThe work will result in a temporary increase in noise. Keeping vehicle windows closed will assist in noise reduction. Generally the project area is not surrounded by residential uses with the exception of the Waterfront Residential area in Foster City. Construction activities nearest those areas will be restricted to daytime hours in an effort to minimize disruption.
VisualThe construction equipment will be quite visible from the roadway; motorists, however, are encouraged to remain alert when traveling through the construction zone.
FishingFor public safety, the fishing pier adjacent to the High Rise will be closed for the duration of construction. For more information about alternate fishing locations, contact the number below.
Bay TrailThe Bay Trail in San Mateo County will remain open throughout construction. A detour is in place and will remain until the project is completed. Signs will be posted to avoid confusion.

For More Information
Contact the project hotline at 1-888-927- INFO or Caltrans Public Information at (510) 286-5543