Pile Installation Demonstration Project Documents

(pdf format)
Marine Site Investigation Reports the preliminary geotechnical information(pdf format, ~ 5.5 megabytes).
PIDP Handout These are the documents included with the bid package. Documents include memoranda for "Overview of Site Conditions for the SFOBB East Span Seismic Safety Project and Pile Installation Demostration Project"; "Factual Soils Data, Borings 98-49 and 98-82, PID Project"; "Prelimary Pile Deriveability Evaluation"; and Large Offshore Hammer Inventory and List of Hammer manufacturers (pdf format, ~9.2 megabytes).
Summary Report Draft Geotechnical Report, February 2000 (pdf format, ~3.2 megabytes).
Plansheets Draft plansheets for this project. (pdf format, ~12.6 megs)
Incidental Harassment Authorization Authorization for incidental harassment of a small number of seals and sea lions from the National Marine Fisheries Service. The map attached to this document is blurry. Click here to see a redrawn version (pdf format).