Contractor Inquiry Responses, California Toll Bridge Seismic Retrofit



MAY 7, 1998



The Caltrans District 4 Office is located at 111 Grand Avenue, Oakland, Ca 94612. The mailing address is P.O. Box 23660, Oakland, Ca 94623-0660. The Toll Bridge Duty Senior telephone number is (510) 286-5549, and the fax number for Contractor's inquiries submittals is (510) 286-4563

1) Would contract plan electronic files be available to contractor?

Contract plan electronic files will not be available to Contractors.

2) Coastwise trade determination for qualified barges.

"A non-coastwise qualified barge may be used as a moored stationary work platform within the territorial waters of the United States without violating the coastwise laws, provided that it transport neither passengers nor merchandise while under tow between coastwise points." Contractors have to get all the appropriate permits from the US Coast Guard.

3) Does the worker's compensation insurance for this project fall under the jurisdiction of the United States Longshore and Harbor Worker Act/or the Jones Act?

The Jones Act (46 U.S.C. & 13 et seq.) applies to seamen and shipping and does not relate to construction workers on the bridge. The Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act (33 U.S.C. & 901 et seq.) applies to employees engaged in maritime employment. A federal court decision of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has held that a construction worker employment in building a bridge over navigable water, designed to benefit both traffic and navigation, is engaged in maritime employment under the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act. (LeMelle v. B.F. Diamond Const. Co.)(1982) (674 Fed2.d 296). Under California law (Lab. Code & 3700), every employer is responsible for being insured against liability to pay workers' compensation. That responsibility is incorporated into the Department of Transportation's (Department) construction contracts under the provisions of the Standard Specifications Section 7-1.01(A)(6) that requires the construction contractor to certify compliance with Labor Code Section 3700.

4) The schedule as shown on sheet SC-1 and SC-3 shows a right to left construction sequence, and on sheet #66 shows a left to right construction sequence.

See Addendum No. 3.

5)Bent 4R - check point C-4RA on sheet #6 shows a jack point of 8' from center line of column, which is 1'9" from traffic right-of-way. This does not give enough room to install K-rail or to install a jacking system.

Our false work detail plan and existing Bent 4 floor beam datails show enough room to place the K-rail.

6)Plan Sheet #97- Sheet #99 - top dock hinge removal and replacement. How do we handle traffic?

See Section 10-1.13K, "Temporary Deck Bridging," and Standard Plan Sheet T10.

7) Plan Sheet #4 - it does not appear that there is enough room to place K-rail, excavation support falsework and traffic.

There is enough room for K-rail.

8)Your budget seems grossly inadequate.

We have reviewed the budget and feel it is adecuate.

9)Temporary support notes:

a)Do the tabulated loads include live load?

b)Do the tabulated dead loads include the load factor of 1.5?

a)Impact is not included.

b)Dead loads are not factored.

10)Plan Sheet #64 - Bent 4 - What are we jacking against?

The intent is for the jacks to be supported by the temporary supports.

11)Do to concrete curing sequence, 280 working days are not enough to complete this job on time.

We have reviewed the working days and feel that the working days are adequate.

12)Refer to special provisions - page 53, section 10-1.01 last paragraph: What do you mean?

The intent is to stagger the retrofit work every other column so that all of the columns are not worked on at the same time.

13)Plan Sheet #67 - Jack point SYRA and PYRB - What is the purpose of this?

These jacking locations are necessary to perform the removal work, to increase the existing support width and to accomodate the lateral movement.

14)The drawings and the specifications do not agree. There is insufficient detail information regarding the supporting girders.

Special provisions govern over the plans if there is a discrepancy.

15) No soils information.

All the available soil information is on sheets 108 through 119 of 119.

16)The jacking point for Bent #1, which must support close to 700 kips, is directly over a burried structure, which is not identified. The bid date should be postponed and additional information should be provided to address the above concerns.

Temporary support for jacking point at bent 1 is going to be on the new footing. See sheets 69 and 70 of 119.

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