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Pier 1 30-inch diameter steel pile driving operation - A total of 25 piles are driven on the West and East footing of Pier 1.
Pier 1 After the piles have been driven to required tip elevations, the piles are then cleaned out using a drill rig with an auger attached. The piles are then finally cleaned using a wire brush attached to the drill rig.
Pier 1 After the piles are cleaned, rebar cages are placed (note cage on the left of the photo). Concrete is immediately placed in the piles. The rebars being placed are epoxy coated. A concrete pump truck with a (red) boom is used to place the concrete.
Pier 1 Picture of piles filled with concrete.
Pier 1 Rebar for the mat and rebar for the column of the Pier 1 is being installed. The piles are fastened to this rebar structure.
Pier 1 The picture on the left is a column built with rebar hoops. Cable tiedowns will be incorporated in the columns.