(NOTE: Reports with an asterisk(*) are available for purchase at Blue Print Services, Oakland, CA. Tel. No. 510-287-5485. All documents below are available for viewing by appointment with the Duty Senior, Tel. No. 510-286-4549)


(pdf format)
Permits and Agreements. Copy of permits and agreements between Caltrans and several regulatory agencies (pdf format, ~ 9 megabytes).
Foundation Report, Addendum 1, September 1999. This is the addendum to the Foundation Report (by DeLeuw et al.), dated August 23, 1999 as referenced in page 6 of Addendum 3 (~3 megs).
*Trestle Piles
  • Trestle Pile As-Built Locations and Elevations
  • Trestle Pile Driving Logs
  • These are the trestle pile as-builts (~1.2 megs) and driving logs.(~10.8 megs).
    *Asbestos and Lead Paint Survey Reports, Geocon Environmental Consultants, June 1999 This document contains the survey for asbestos and lead at the Carquinez Bridge Caltrans Buildings in Vallejo, Ca. (~6 megs)
    *Underground Storage Tank Removal Report, Carquinez Bridge Maintenance Station, GeoCon Environmental Consultants, March 1999. This is a report regarding the removal of the underground storage tank (UST) at the Carquinez Bridge Maintenance Station. (~5.3 megs).
    Supplemental Foundation Recommendations for the New Crocket Viaduct Structure, C.M. Huyette, M.DeSalvatore, September 8, 1999. This is the referenced "Supplemental Materials Handout for foundation work at Bent 7 of Crocket Viaduct..." from page 6 of Addendum 3 (~3.2 megs).
    *Excerpts from "Conceptual Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan."
  • Body of the Report (~6.8 megs)
  • Attachments (~5.6 megs)
  • Guidance for developing an acceptable SWPPP for this project. The Best Management Practices (BMPs), or Attachment N is not included in the download.
    *Excerpts from "Wind Study, Third Carquinez Strait Bridge," Ragget et al., March 9, 1999.
  • Executive Summary (~4.5 megs)
  • Table of Contents and Basic Results (~0.2 megs).
  • Table of Contents and Introduction of Experimental Test Report (Wind Tunnel Test) (~1.7 megs).
  • Chapters 6 and 7 (~1.2 megs).
  • The Executive Summary discusses the overall results of the wind tunnel test and the calculations. The Table of Contents and Basic Results are from the mathematical calculations used to find flutter and buffeting using wind tunnel test data. You can also download the Table of Contents, Chapter 6 (Free-Standing Tower Studies) and Chapter 7 (Miscellaneous Wind Tunnel Studies) of the Experimental Test Results.
    *Excerpts from "Site Investigation" the North and South Anchorage.
  • Body and Figures (~5.3 megs)
  • Tables (~1.9 megs)
  • Boring Logs (~2.1 megs)
  • This report presents the limited soil investigation performed at the proposed anchorage locations. The "Body and Figures" is the main body of the report with attached figures (i.e. boring locations). The "Tables" is a summary of the lab results presented in tables. The "Boring Logs" are drilling logs of the eight borings performed around the anchorages. All downloads are in pdf format. Raw Lab results are not available for download.
    Access Agreement with C and H Sugar Company (~3.6 megs)Agreement between C&H and Caltrans dated October 11, 1999.
    Easement Deed with Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) (~0.7 megs)Deed between PG&E and Caltrans dated September 28, 1999.
    Access Permit with California State University Maritime Academy (~0.5 megs)Temporary permit to access and use the California State University property.
    Union Pacific Agreement Copy of Right of Entry Agreement between Caltrans and Union Pacific Railroad (~2 megs in pdf format).
    As-Built plans for Trash Bin and Generator Enclosure.A reduced (8.5"x11")copy of the As-Built plans for the Trash Bin and Generator Enclosure. Contact the Duty Senior to view As-Built plansheets (~ 1 meg).


    (pdf format)
    *Soil Management Plan This document was prepared for the the retrofit of the Benicia-Martinez Bridge. Use this document as guidance in generating soil management plans for other Caltrans projects that need to comply with the Voluntary Cleanup Agreement (VCA) (~7.6 megs).
    *Transportation Plan Use this guidance document in conjuction with the Soil Management Plan above to prepare documents needed to comply with the Voluntary Cleanup Agreement (VCA) (~2.5 megs).
    State Water Control Board,
    NPDES permit no. CAS000002
    Copy of the statewide permit issued to Caltrans (~ 2.8 megs).
    State Water Control Board,
    NPDES permit no. CAS000003
    Copy of the statewide permit issued to Caltrans (~ 2.8 megs).
    San Francisco California Regional Water Quality Control Board,
    NPDES permit no. CAS029998
    Copy of the permit issued to Caltrans (~ 3.3 megs).
    Voluntary Cleanup Agreement (VCA) Copy of the Agreement between the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) and Caltrans (~3.8 megs in pdf format).