San Francisco Bay Area new bridges - Regional Measure 1

New Benicia Martinez Bridge


The bridges  projects in the San Francisco Bay area to be built under the Regional Measure One program are:

  • the new Benicia-Martinez Bridge,

  • the new Carquinez Bridge,

  • widening the San Mateo - Hayward Bridge.

    The project is divided into various segments:

    • Construct a new bridge across Carquinez Strait at Interstate 680 between the City of Benicia in Solano County and the City of Martinez in Contra Costa County.  The proposed alignment is east and parallel to the existing Benicia-Martinez and Union Pacific Railroad bridges.  The bridge characteristics are:
    • Carry northbound traffic
    • Approximately 2680 m (8790') long (including approach spans) and 25.5 m (83'-6") wide (including bridge rails)
    • Consists of five 3.6 m (12') lanes and 3 m (10') shoulders
    • Construct a new 17-booth toll plaza and Administration Building south of Carquinez Strait in Contra Costa County.
    • Reconstruct the I-680/I-780 and I-680/Marina Vista Interchanges to accommodate the proposed bridge and toll plaza.
    • Construct a warehouse and a wetland mitigation site.
    A Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement/Report was circulated and a public hearing was held on April 25, 1995.  During this time, Caltrans worked in consultation with the United States Coast Guard (USCG) to determine the location and clearances of the second Benicia-Martinez Bridge. 

    The Record of Decision for the Final Environmental Impact Statement/Report (FEIS/R) was approved by FHWA on October 31, 1997.  The final location of the bridge alignment was developed through close          coordination with the USCG.  The USCG permit application was submitted on October 15, 1997 and is pending USCG review and public comment.