Benicia-Martinez Bridge Retrofit

04 - 0440U4 PROJECT PHOTOS 2

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Equipment at the North end of the bridge. Includes a 56X104 scaffold for superstructure retrofit work. This is to gain access to the locations where existing members will be replaced or reinforced. Total new structural steel is more than 3 million pounds.

56X104 scaffold and other equipment. An existing Bottom Lateral X-Brace has been replaced with larger members.

Steel reinforcements are being added to a Sway Frame X-Brace (transverse to direction of traffic).

Equipment at the North end of the bridge. Includes the barges and cranes necessary for the work on 11 footings spread out over 1 mile.

Equipment at the North end of the bridge. A trestle is being built to provide docking access.

A cofferdam has been built around a footing. This is to allow the removal of soil necessary for the expansion of the footing. A Trestle and a docked crew boat are also visible in this photo.

A closure view of the cofferdam.

Placing a 72" diameter steel caisson. The segments shown on the barge will be welded together as the length is driven through the layers of soil and into the bedrock.

A crane is positioning the hammer used to drive the 72" diameter steel caisson into bedrock.

View of the caisson.

After the 72" diameter steel caisson has been driven into bedrock, a rock socket is to be drilled allowing anchorage up to 60 into bedrock. A drill rig is being placed on top of a steel caisson by a barge-mounted crane.

Concrete and reinforcing steel will be placed into the 72" diameter steel caisson and the rock socket. This is some of the equipment that will be used for the concrete pour.

This is inside one of the empty cells of the pier. Caissons like the ones above are driven through in cells like this one.