November 13, 2001

CONTRACT NO. 04-006064
Ben-Mar, I-680/780 Interchange


The responses to contractors' inquiries, unless incorporated into a formal addenda to the contract, are not a part of the contract and are provided for the contractor's convenience only. In some instances, the question and answer may represent a summary of the matters discussed rather than a word-for-word recitation. The responses may be considered along with all other information furnished to prospective bidders for the purpose of bidding on the project. The availability or use of information provided in the responses to contractors' inquiries is not to be construed in any way as a waiver of the provisions of section 2-1.03 of the Standard Specifications or any other provision of the contract, the plans, Standard Specifications or Special Provisions, nor to excuse the contractor from full compliance with those contract requirements. Bidders are cautioned that subsequent responses or contract addenda may affect or vary a response previously given, and any such subsequent response or addenda should be taken into consideration when submitting a bid for the project. Inquiries submitted within seventy-two (72 ) hours of the bid opening date might not be addressed.

The Caltrans District 4 Office is located at 111 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA 94612. Send Contractor Inquiries via email to the Duty Senior at The mailing address is P.O. Box 23660, Oakland, CA 94623-0660. The Duty Senior's telephone number is (510) 286-5209. All inquiries must include the contract number.

Inquiries for 04-006034
Total Number of Inquiries:66


Sheet E-171, 420 of 838, thur E-176. There is no scale for these sheets. What is the distance from abut 1 to abut 19 of the existing bridge?

The distance from abutment 1 to abutment 19 of the existing bridge is 6215-feet (1894.3m).


What is the elevation difference between the upper catwalk and lower catwalk at pier 3? Same for pier 13.

The elevation between the upper catwalk and lower catwalk at pier 3 and 13 of the existing bridge is about 18.3 meters.


How is the cable tray to be installed from the upper catwalk to the lower catwalk at piers 3 and 13?

The cable tray shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendation.


When will access too contract 04-006034 (abut 1 thur pier 17) and 04-006044 (Toll Plaza) be permitted?

Please see Addendum #1.


To complete the electrical work of this contract, depends on the completion of the other two contracts. If access will not be allowed until the other two contracts are completely signed off, the completion of the electrical work will take 18 months.

Please see Addendum #1.


The plans and specifications do not detail a false work opening for either Park Road (BR 23-226R) or Hospital Road (BR 23-127L). Is this correct?

Please see Addendum #1.


On past projects that included work at the rail road, the specifications included the number & type of trains (freight or passenger) that we must accommodate. I can not find that information in the specifications for this project.

Please see Section 13-2 paragraph seven (7) of the Special Provisions.


When can we expect to see the questions and answers posted on the inquiry page for this project?

Answer Pending.


What is the work window afforded contractors for erecting and removing false work over railroad tracks?.

Please see Addendum #1.


Per the quantity summaries listed for each bridge, it only shows hazardous excavation at the NB 680/WB 780 connector and OH (#01212G) and the Benicia-Martinez Approach Structure (#0125R). However, per the construction details sheets C-13 and C-14, hazardous excavation is only shown at Bent 18 & 19 of the Benicia-Martinez Approach and Abutment #1 of the EB 780/ NB 680 Connector (#0211G) but nowhere on Bridge #0212G. Also unclear is that Abutment #1 of Bridge #0211G is built on fill, so why is there hazardous excavation expected in this area? Could it be for the shaft foundations? Please clarify at what bridge locations there will be hazardous excavation.

The land disposal restriction is for materials from Cast-In-Drilled-Hole (CIDH) pile only and will be paid for as Structure Excavation (Type D-LDR).


If hazardous material is encountered during shaft excavation, what bid item covers this payment?

Excavation is not hazardous if not shown on plan, please see Section 10-1.34 "Earthwork" of the Special Provisions.


Please check your concrete quantity for the NB 680/WB 780 Connector & OH (#0212G) footing and bridge. We show a substantial over run to the shown quantities.

Please see Addendum #1.


This contract includes electrical work on Bridge No. 28-153R. The construction of this bridge, however, is not included in this contract. Will the work on Bridge No. 28-153R progress such that the electrical work on that bridge can be completed within the 880 working days provided for in this contract? If the work on Bridge No. 28-153R does not progress such that the electrical work can be completed within the 880 working days, will the contractor for Contract No. 04-006064 be assessed liquidated damages?

Please see Addendum #1.


We did not see any settlement periods indicated in the special provisions. Will settlement periods be required? If so, please indicate the locations and durations.

No, it is not required.


Is there a log of test borings and/or any additional geotechnical data available for review or as a handout?

Please see Addendum #1.


Is the quantity for bid item #140(s) correct? We quantify 14 total ptfe bearings (4ea bridge #23-0211g, 2ea bridge #23-0212g, 4ea bridge #23-0214g, and 4ea bridge #23-0215r). Please clarify.

Please see Addendum #1


Under what bid item does the temporary shoring along station bs 6+00 to 7+45 shown on sheet #185/838 get paid?

Please see Addendum #1 for Temporary Shoring.


Regarding the hazardous material expected to be encountered on site,who is considered the generator?

Please see Section 5-1.21 Sub Section "Permits and Licenses" of the Special Provisions.


On sheets 517-520 of 838 for the EN Line Flyover, 35mm diameter HS Rods are shown in the Hinges 5 and 12. There is no stressing criteria shown on the plans for these bars. Are these bars to be stressed?

The HS rods on Hinges 5 and 12 of the EN connector do not need to be stressed. The nuts will need to be torqued to lock in place.


For the Benicia-Martinez Approach and NB 680/WB 780 Connector & OH, the HS Rods at Hinge A need some clarification. The Hinge construction is not part of this contract, so to our understanding the rods are to be placed and left sticking out. Are we to leave access to the ends of the rods so they can be stressed from our end diaphragm? Are we only responsible to supply and install the rods and not the stressing? Please clarify.

The contractor is expected to provide the HS rods to the current contractor on 04-006034 contract. The contractor on 04-006034 contract will install the HS rods in conjunction with the hinge construction.


Please review the quantities shown for 1.83 m & 3.05 m Permanent Casing on sheet No. 625 of 838. Our material take-off shows 674.4 m for the 1.83 m & 55.4 m for the 3.05 m Permanent Casing.

Please see Addendum #1


Based of soil profile for bent #18 of bridge 23-022G (NB 680/WB 780) it appears that the quantities shown for bid items # 68 "Structure Excavation D-LDR" and #69 "Structure Excavation D-Hazardous" have been reversed. Item #68 should be 80 M 3 and item #69 should be 725 M 3.

Please see Addendum #1.


In the specifications under "Order of Work" it states "Last order of work shall be constructing the super structure at NB 680/WB 780 connector (Bridge 23-0212G) & Frame 2 of Bridge 23-0215R" Work on these structures is shown on the stage construction drawings as taking place in "Stage 3 Phase 1." We need the time frame for this work (Date) so we can prepare our construction schedule.

Please see Addendum #1.


Plan sheet D-49 Directs us to plan sheet C-24 for details on "Column Drain Protection". There is no Sheet C-24.

There is no sheet C-24, refer to sheet EC-14 (sheet 259 of 838).


To our understanding, the new Benicia Bridge is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2004, based on the listed AS-BID contract duration. How will this affect our contract since the hinge work at the Benicia-Martinez Approach and the NB 680/WB 780 Connector & OH, is part of the Benicia Bridge Project?

Please see Addendum #1.


On layout sheet L-6, the area for temporary false work and cofferdam construction is defined but Bent 18 of both the Benicia-Martinez Approach and the NB 680/WB 780 Connector & OH and Span 18 of the NB 680/WB 780 Connector & OH is not included in this defined area. Does a contractor assume that they can still build in this area surrounding Bent 18 and Span 18 which will redefine what is shown on sheet L-6?

Please see the US Army Corps of Engineers Permit.


On layout sheet L-6, there is also a BCDC shoreline band. How does this affect construction in this area? I could not find the BCDC permit in the permit package even though it was listed in the table of contents. Could you send a copy if it is available?

Please see Addendum #1.


At Bent #2 of the EN Line Fly Over Bridge (#23-0211G), the close proximity to Park Road creates a difficult False Work support conflict. The fact that the soffit is curved in this area and the point of tangent is somewhere over Park Road, false work for this area will have to be built to the lowest deck soffit level and a second deck will have to be built on top, in the curved shaped. Is there any way the bridge depth in this span could remain constant instead of varying?

Please see Addendum #1.


Ref Plan page 13: The area of allowable temporary cofferdam and falsework does not include most of bent 18 on the NB line and none of bent 18 on the NW line. It is your direction that structure excavation at these 2 bents can or must be open cut? It also excludes a large area where falsework needs to go to ground. Does our falsework have to span the areas not listed as allowable temporary areas?

Please see the US Army Corps of Engineers Permit.


Ref Bid Item 21, Specification Section 10-1.28 and Plan Page 212 regarding PCMS. The bid item quantity is 12 ea and consistant with the total quantity on page 212. However the number of PCMS in place at any one time is 3 ea in stage 1. The specification says "Portable changeable message signs shall be on the project at all times and available for public awarness information etc." If the bid item is 12 ea and only 3 are in place does this mean you want 9 available in the yard for public information? This seems quite excessive and expensive. How many do we actually need available?

If the contractor works on several stages at the same time, it will require to provide more than 3 on the job site. (See Construction Area Sign Plans)


Ref Specification page 177, sub section Practice Placement. The first paragraph indicates the practice placement shall be on top of the first pier table prior to segmental construction. Where do you want them done?

The last sentence on page 177, sub section Practice Placement was inserted in error. No segmental construction in this contract.


Ref 10-1.55 Concrete Structures: The measurement and Payment section seams to be at the end of section 10-1.56.

See Addendum 3.


Ref 10-1.63 Architectural Surface: The Measurment and Payment section indicates that this work will be paid by the M2 yet there is not a pay item in the item list. Where is it paid for? Where is the Prepare and Stain Concrete mentioned in this section paid for?

Please see Addendum #1.


Ref plan page 597 & 600. These drawings indicate that the Joint Seal Assembly has an MR of 270mm. Does a bridge 120M long need a joint that big?



For Bid Item #136-F, what are the limits of application? Is the limit to top of finish grade or 300mm below? Regarding this same bid item, is it the intent to stain the surface of the rock texture? The special provisions mention staining but refer to the plans for locations. The plans show no location and/or limits of the staining. Can you please clarify.

The limits of application is where the running bond sandstone texture is shown on the plans which show the limits stopping 600mm from top of wall. The top 600mm band does not need to be stained.


Please check your quantity for Bid Item #221-S, Bridge Deck Drainage System. Our takeoff shows a substantial over run.

Please see Addendum #1.


On the bottom of page 151 of the special provisions reference is made to foundation recommendations that are available to the contractor in the informational handout. Where can I get a copy of this handout?

Please see Addendum #1.


Please review the quantities shown for 1.83 m & 3.05 m Permanent Casing on sheet No. 625 of 838. Our material take-off shows 674.4 m for the 1.83 m & 55.4 m for the 3.05 m Permanent Casing.

Please see Addendum #1.


E-9, (274 of 838), Future barrier foundation, what type of future pole foundation is required?

Please see sheet E-3 (sheet 268 of 838) "Project Symbols".


E-18, (283 of 838), "Notes (this sheet only), there are notes for 1 thur 7, on this sheet notes 12 & 21 have been used. What are the descriptions for notes 12 & 21?

On sheet E-18, note 12 should note 1 and note 21 should be note 2.


E-20 - 21, (285 /286 of 838), The unit substation plan shown on E-21, specifies a 10 KVA, 2.4KV /480V 1 phase transformer. There should be a disconnect for the transformer, no disconnect is shown. There are no product specifications for the transformer or disconnect switch on the plans or in the special provisions. What are the specifications for the transformer and disconnect switch?

A fused disconnect switch rated 15 A, 5 KV should be installed at primary of transformer.


Bid item #108 "Install seismic monitoring casing". The specifications state that the locations are shown on plans. I have been unable to find this information. Also this bid item is listed as a "Final Pay" item but the specification states that "Payment will be based on measured quantities".

The "Install seismic monitoring casing" refers to the installation of the 105mm PVC casing shown on Sheet EE-13 (sheet 826 of 838). This sheet is referenced from Sheet EE-4. On sheet EE-4 the plan view shows the sensors installed near the bridge for the downholes and freefield. Downholes are what get the seismic monitoring casing installed in them. Reviewing Sheet EE-4 plan view and notes 4, 5, and 6 and then Sheet EE-13 should clear up any confusion. They all relate to the location where the installation shall take place. The measurment and payment of this item shall be as specified in the special provisions.


Re: Bid Item  150 - please check Engineers Estimate - It looks approximately 20 % +/- heavy.

See addendum 2.


Regarding plan sheet 787 of 838 - Section A-A and pile elevation call for # 29 hoops.  Is this a misprint? Should it be #19?  - 1-8 dia. is too small for #29.

See addendum 2.


In addition to work window provides contractor for work over the rail road main line we; need to know what our work window will be for work over the switching tracks when constructing bridges 23-0215R & 23-0212G. This inpacts not only setting and removing false work but also delivery of concrete for the bridge work east of these tracks.

Please see Addendum #1.


What is the status of signal lines and poles along the east side of the mainline railroad tracks where bridges 23-0215R & 23-0212G cross these tracks.

Please see Addendum #1.


What is the status of the electric line that runs along retaining wall # 3 (Line EN (STA 11+56 - 14+52). Is there a temporary construction easment available for the construction of retaining wall #3? As shown there is only 0 15 M clearance from edge of footing to face of excavation and excavation is approx 7M in this area.

Electric line was already relocated. See Utility Plans for the new location. No temporary construction easement is available.


Is there a load restriction on the gas lines shown on sheet 646/838 That will cross with bridge 23-0212G & 23-0215R?

All paved areas have legal load restrictions. The contractor shall protect areas with gas lines.


Please clarify the Shear Ring Detail shown on sheets 38 of 53, 40 of 53 65 of 83 and 66 of 83, what is the depth of weld for the PJP shown? Will a filet weld also be required? What is the Shear Ring material? Is there a gap in the ring where it cross's over the longitudinal weld of the permanent steel casing?

Answer Pending


E-84, (339 of 838), on this sheet see, "TSC 2, " "see E-89 for details". On sheet E-89, "Typical Fiber Optic Splice Cabinet" detail, this detail does not match the description in the SP on page 249. "Trunkline Splice Cabinet" "TSC" shall be a Type P cabinet". Which one is correct?

The Special Provisions specifies the cabinet should be type P.


Will a relay coordination study be required for the new substations? If so what are the parameters of the study?

A relay coordination study shall be based on the submittal by the contractor. See Section 10-3.30.


Reference Limits of Excavation & Backfill Detail on Sheet #740 of the Contract Plans. Does the MSE wall backfill need to go all the way to the surface as shown on this detail or is it just required within the soil reinforcement limits of the wall which is the normal design criteria? There is a significant quantity of fill volume in the slope above the top of the wall that is shown as MSE wall backfill on this detail.

The limits of MSE wall backfill has to go to finish grade as shown on plan sheet 740 of MSE wall no.1


Electrical Q - Plan sheet 436/838 references panel L1 located on EE1-12, and EE1-27. Also, Table 1 on 437/838 references to EE1-32 ans EE1-33. Please advise the location of these sheets.

EE1 sheets are part of Toll Plaza Substation "Contract No. 04-006044."


Section 5-1.21 of the above specification states that non-hazardous material excavated from outside the pay limits may be used for backfill, with written approval from the engineer.  Then Section 10-1.34 states that surplus material not designated or determined to contain hazardous material shall become the property of the contractor and disposed of outside the ROW.  Now, if the contractor moves material to provide for access pads or other equipment access, can that material be put back in place after pads no longer needed? This material being exclusive of pay exc or backfill.

Hazardous material will be removed from the site and disposed at a permitted facility per 10-1.34. Non-hazardous material may be reused if the material is suitable. The Engineer must approve suitability in writing. The material is presumed to be hazardous or non-hazardous based on existing test results in the area. It is the Contractor's responsibility to test the material for final characterization if that presumption is to be disproved.


Is 50 working days realistic for the Electrical Subcontractors to perform the work on the new Benicia Bridge?  You do not allow access until day no. 630 in a 680 day schedule.

See Addendum 3.


As per addendum 1, the contract time has been change to 680 working days. The electrical work can not be started on the main line (contract 04-006034) until 630 days. This leaves only 50 days to complete 1 - 2 million dollars of work. If the intent was 630 days from 880 days leaving 250 days to complete the electrical work, that might be possible. 50 days is not realistic for completing an electrical project of this magnitude. Access to the new toll plaza was not addressed in addendum 1.

Please see Addendum 3.


Item # 257 Communication Conduit (Bridge), sheet 695, Drain With Haunched Overhang, shows a conduit in the bottom edge. Sheet 583, Concrete Barrier Type 25 (Mod) & Edge Beam Detail, shows 75 mm GRC in edge beam. This is the only location shown for these conduits. Where do the communication conduits start and finish?

The plans show 2-41C and 1-63C in concrete barrier while sheet 583 and sheet 695 shown only 1-75C. The correct structural plans should show 2-41C, 1-63C (or 1-75C as shown).



The drawing requires a PJP weld.  Please specify the depth of penetration or the weld preparation required.  Will a 5/16" fillet weld be adequate?

Answer Pending


We are in receipt of addendum #2 and note that bid item #2 "Time Related Overhead" has not been corrected to reflect the revised job duration of 680 working days established in addendum #1.

Answer Pending


Sheet E-83, General Note 3. "Install 50p, 6p, 3p, ISDN, 2p cables, I can't find the cable construction specifications for these cables. What or where are the specifications the the cables?

Answer Pending


Sheet E-89, what are the dimensions and NEMA rating for the cabinets shown ?

Answer Pending


Sheet E-87 & 88, is a type "P" cabinet required next too the Type 15 pull box?

Answer Pending


Sheet E-84, note "Tsc 2" & "See E-89 for details", E-89 shows a splice cabinet for the Tsc 2 location. Page 249 of the SP specifies a Type P cabinet. There are 10 locations shown on sheets E-83 thur E-88. Which cabinet is to be used?

Answer Pending


Per Drawing C-1, Sheet 5, Note 1 elevations are based on 1929 NGVD. Are the elevations in the log of test borings Drawing ST4-1, Sheet 439 based on the same datum?

Answer Pending


Where may we find existing ground elevations and contours for the jobsite?

Answer Pending


Is the contract number on the cover sheet between Drawings ST1-30, Sheet 303 and Drawing ST1-31, Sheet 304 correct?

Answer Pending