Please read me first.

The documents on this CD are for the I-680 New Benecia-Martinez Bridge & Overhead Project. Here is a list of supplemental documentation/reports for this project.

1. Index to Item #2, " Benecia-Martinez Bridge for California Department of Transportation, I-680 in Solano and Contra Costa Counties, Materials Handout, Prepared by T.Y.Lin Internation/CH2MHILL, Dated March 31, 1998" on previous CD titled "Materials Handout".
2. Folder titled "BMB 3D Drawings". Containing drawing files for Hinge, Pier Table and Pile Cap.
3. Folder titled "BMB Seismic Retrofit Log Pile Sheets Piers 4 thru12.
4. Folder titled "BMB Seismic Retrofit Construction-Geologic and Constructibility Issues". Containing folder titled "Log of Test Borings" and memorandum titled "Benicia Martinez Bridge Seismic Retrofit Construction-Geologic and Constructibility Issues" issued by Caltrans on February 8, 2001, issued to Mr. Robert Finney, Resident Engineer, Benecia-Martinez Office.