California Department of Transportation

Structure Office Engineer

Gudmund Setberg (Acting) , Office Chief

Welcome to The Office of Structure Office Engineer, comprised of the Structure Specification Branches and the Cost Estimates Branch. The office produces contract special provisions and cost estimates for bridge, tunnel, retaining wall, and building construction work.


Structure Specification Branches
Craig Whitten - Districts 1-6, 9 & 10
Brad Boehm - Districts 7 & 8, 11 & 12

Cost Estimates Branch:
Roy Galarpe


Department of Transportation
Division of Engineering Services
Structure Office Engineer
P.O. Box 168041, MS #9-2/2H
Sacramento, CA 95816-8041

Phone: 916.227.8617

Training & Guidance:

Section 90, Portland Cement Concrete

Electronic Forms for Structure PS&E

Structure P & Q Transmittal and Memo to Specifications Engineer / Estimator

Expedite Notice for Final Structure PS&E