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CTBridge™ Software

CTBridge™ is a frame analysis and design program that runs under the Windows XP® operating system and supports the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Load and Resistance Factored Design (LRFD) and Load Factor Design (LFD) design specifications. CTBridge™ is replacing Caltrans' Bridge Design System (BDS) software as the everyday, mainstream longitudinal analysis and design program for Caltrans bridge engineers.

Both an evaluation and a full version of the software is available. Pricing and purchase information is available at the Caltrans Publications web page.

Program features include the following:

  • The user can build a three-dimensional spline model by describing cross sections, materials, spans, bents and columns. A curved bridge can be modeled by describing horizontal curve data.

  • Both U.S. and metric units are used, allowing the user to switch display and data entry units at any time. In addition, the user can choose between U.S. or metric specifications.

  • The user can add prestress cable paths to the spans. The cable paths are then discretized and prestress loads are generated for the finite element analysis engine to solve.

  • The user can view and manipulate the model in three dimensions. The model can be zoomed in to allow the user a close look at modeling details. Input data can be saved and reloaded. The user has control over what loads are applied to the model and can choose from dead load, additional dead load, live loads and user defined loads.

  • The program factors loads according to the LRFD and LFD specifications. A report of the factored loads is available, as well as graphics of the various load combinations.

  • The program performs specification checks according to the LRFD and LFD specifications. The specification checks are available in summary form, or the user may view a more detailed level of results.

  • After an analysis or design, the user can create reports of results. These reports can be viewed on screen, printed, and saved as text reports. Graphical results are also available.

  • CTBridge™ supports the Third Edition of the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specification with 2005 Interim Revisions and California Amendments (Blue Sheets) v0.04. Shear equations in CTBridge™ are based on the 2006 AASHTO Interims and CA Amendments.


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