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Contractor: Avison Construction, Inc. Contact: Curtis Short
Address: 40434 Brickyard Drive Madera, CA. 93636
Phone: 559-431-0317 Fax: 559-431-0321 Email:
Services needed: Avison Construction is requesting bids from qualified and certified DBE subcontractors and suppliers for the following items of work but not limited to Lead Compliance Plan, Construction Area Signs, Traffic Control, Temporary Traffic Stripe, CMS, K-railing, Crash Cushions, Prepare SWPPP, street Sweeping, Treated wood Waste, Clearing & Grubbing, Bonded Fiber Matrix, Compost, Class 2 AB, Rubberized HMA, Delineator, Pavement Markings, Road Signs, Striping, Rumble Strip, Electrical, HMA and AB supply and trucking, and other associated work. Avison will work with interested subcontractors and suppliers to break down items of work into reasonable packages as necessary.
Requirements: Performance and payment bonds may be required. All subcontractors must have a valid license, DIR registration, insurance, and workers compensation. Avison Construction is signatory with the Operating Engineers, Laborers, and Cement Masons. Plans and specifications are available on the Caltrans website or from our office. Please contact our office for any assistance. Avison Construction is an equal opportunity employer.
Date posted: 04/19/2018