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Contractor: Gallagher & Burk, Inc. Contact: Alan McKean
Address: 344 High Street Oakland, CA 94601
Phone: 510-261-0466 Fax: 510-261-0478 Email:
Services needed: Gallagher & Burk, Inc. is requesting quotes from all qualified subcontractors and suppliers including certified DBE/SBE/DVBE firms for the following types of work, including but not limited to: Construction Area Signs, Clearing & Grubbing, Erosion Control, Electrical, HMA Dike, Landscaping, Lead Compliance Plan, Portable Changeable Message Signs, Temporary Erosion Control, Object Markers, WPCP, Trucking, Sweeping, Water Trucks, Erosion Control Materials, Aggregate Base Material, HMA Material, and Tack Coat.
Requirements: Gallagher & Burk is signatory to Operating Engineers and Laborers unions. 100% performance and payment bonds may be required for the full amount of subcontract price. Gallagher & Burk will pay for bond premium up to 2%. Subcontractors must possess current insurance and worker?s compensation coverage meeting Gallagher & Burk?s requirements. Subcontractor will be required to sign the standard Gallagher & Burk, Inc. Subcontract Agreement. A copy of the agreement can be obtained from our estimator. Quotations must be valid for the same duration as specified by the Owner for Contract Award. Plans and specifications are available for viewing at our Dublin office. Please call if you need assistance in obtaining bonding, insurance, equipment, materials and/or supplies. Gallagher & Burk intends to work cooperatively with all qualified firms seeking work on this project. Gallagher & Burk is an equal opportunity employer.
Date posted: 07/15/2014
Contractor: Ghilotti Construction Company, Inc. Contact: Thomas Smith
Address: 246 Ghilotti Avenue Santa Rosa, CA 95407
Phone: 707-585-1221 Fax: 707-585-1601 Email:
Services needed: Ghilotti Construction Company, Inc. is seeking certified DBE subcontractors, suppliers & truckers for quotes including, but not limited to, the following scopes of work: CAS, TRAFFIC CONTROL SYSTEM, PORTABLE CMS, STREET SWEEPING, CLEARING & GRUBBING, EROSION CONTROL, TACK COAT, MAINTAINING EXISTING TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS, VEGETATION CONTROL (MINOR CONCRETE), ASPHALT & AGGREGATE SUPPLY AND TRUCKING. Contact our estimator for more information. GCC is available to discuss breaking out any portion of work to encourage minority participation.
Requirements: Mr. Thomas Smith (707/585-1221 or is the Estimator for this project and is available to provide you with assistance to clarify any questions regarding the scope of work, including interpretation of plans, specifications and requirements, bid preparation and obtaining bonds, lines of credit, insurance and any technical assistance. GCC may also assist in obtaining any necessary equipment, supplies, materials or related services. (Please note: G.C.C. may require Payment & Performance Bonds on all sub-contracts over $25,000 per Ca. Public Contract Code Sect. 4108. G.C.C. will pay bond premiums up to 1 ?% of contract cost. G.C.C. is a UNION CONTRACTOR. Any non-signatory subcontractors will be required to sign an agreement for trades covered under our agreements.) Plans, specifications and project requirements may be viewed and downloaded on Caltrans website using the following link: Plans may also be viewed or purchased through local plan rooms, builder?s exchanges, Dodge Scan or a GCC closer to your location as well as in trade publications such as Daily Pacific Builder or Daily Construction Services. Ghilotti Construction Company encourages the use of minority and women subcontractors and suppliers and considers such to be an important aspect of the project. Req: By submitting a proposal, the bidder affirms that they have carefully examined ALL the bidding documents/Addenda and that from his/her own investigation, they have satisfied themselves as to the nature and location of the work. GCC?s written subcontract document execution is required of all successful subcontract bidders. A copy is available for inspection on GCC?s website ( and/or can be provided upon written request prior to bid submission. Inconsistent bid terms and conditions shall be void. Insurance: As per our insurance requirements, your bid must include the cost of naming GCC as additional insured; including completed operations coverage; Use form ?CG-2010-1185? or equivalent; include Primary and Non-Contributing wording on your certificate of insurance and waiver of subrogation is required. We are an equal opportunity employer.
Date posted: 07/21/2014
Contractor: O.C. Jones & Sons, Inc. Contact: Jean Sicard
Address: 1520 Fourth Street Berkeley, CA 94710
Phone: 510-526-3424 Fax: 510-526-0990 Email:
Services needed: REQUEST FOR DBE SUBCONTRACTORS AND SUPPLIERS We are soliciting quotes for (including but not limited to): Trucking, Lead Compliance Plan, Construction Area Signs, Traffic Control System, Portable Changeable Message Sign, SWPPP, Storm Water Annual Report, Sweeping, Adjust Pull Box, Cold Plane AC, Clearing & Grubbing, Sod, Hydromulch, Hydroseed, Compost, AC Dike, Tack Coat, Object Marker, Vegetation Control (Minor Concrete) and Construction Materials
Requirements: An Equal Opportunity Employer 100% Performance & Payment Bonds may be required. Worker?s Compensation Waiver of Subrogation required. Please call OCJ for assistance with bonding, insurance, necessary equipment, material and/or supplies. OCJ is willing to breakout any portion of work to encourage DBE Participation. Plans & Specs are available for viewing at our office or through the Caltrans Website at
Date posted: 07/22/2014