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Contractor: Telfer Pavement Technologies, LLC Contact: Rick Arias
Address: 4522 Parker Avenue Suite 350 McClellan, CA. 95652
Phone: 916-383-1756 Fax: 916-383-4084 Email:
Services needed: Telfer Pavement Technologies, LLC is seeking quotes from Qualified DVBE subcontractors and suppliers for work including but not limited to: Materials supply/delivery, Trucking, Lead Compliance Plan, Construction Area Signs, Traffic Control System, Portable Changeable Message Sign, Job Site Management, Prepare Water Pollution Control Program, Street Sweeping, Remove Yellow Thermoplastic Traffic Stripe (Hazardous Waste), Crack Treatment, HMA Type A, Tack Coat, Cold Plane Asphalt Concrete, Remove Pavement Marker, Pavement Marker (Retroreflective), 4" Thermoplastic Traffic Stripe, Thermoplastic Pavement Marking (Enhanced Wet Night Visibility), 4" Thermoplastic Pavement Marking (Enhanced Wet Night Visibility)(Broken 36-12), Remove Thermoplastic Traffic Stripe, Remove Thermoplastic Pavement Markin, Etc. Telfer Pavement Technologies, LLC will work with interested subcontractors to identify opportunities to break down items into economically feasible packages. All Supplier and Subcontractor proposals shall be in strict accordance with said project plans, specifications, and any addenda issued.
Requirements: DVBE Subcontractors must possess a current contractor?s license, worker's compensation insurance coverage during the entire length of the contract. Performance and Payment bonds may be required. Plans and specification can be obtained from Cal Trans, your local plan room, or may be viewed through our office. You can contact our office if you need assistance in bonding, lines of credit, insurance, necessary equipment, supplies, materials or services required for this job.
Date posted: 03/21/2017