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Contractor: Argonaut Constructors Contact: Dave Stanford
Address: 360 Sutton Place Santa Rosa, CA 95407
Phone: 707-542-4862 Fax: 707-542-4897 Email:
Services needed: Argonaut Constructors, (Argonaut) an equal opportunity employer, is requesting qualified minority DBE subcontractors and suppliers to submit bids for your trade specialty for the project listed below. Your firm must be currently certified as a DBE firm with an agency acceptable to Caltrans. PLEASE SUBMIT A COPY OF YOUR CURRENT CERTIFICATION WITH YOUR BID. Argonaut is requesting quotes from all Minority and Non-Minority Subcontractors and Suppliers including, but not limited to Construction area signs, lead compliance plan, WPCP, trucking, water trucks, HMA material supplier, tack oil supplier, traffic control, PCMS, jobsite management, temporary items (fiber roll cover, gravel bag berm, high visibility fence, traffic screen, k-rail, hydraulic mulch, cover, check dam, construction entrance, crash cushion, traffic stripe paint, erosion control,)channelizer, street sweeping, aggregate material supplier, erosion control, place AC dike, thermoplastic striping installation and removal, remove pavement markings, pavement markers, shoulder backing, prepaving inertial profiler, remove & replace WM fencing, cold plane asphalt, relocate roadside signs, 12? rumble strips
Requirements: Bids may be faxed to the number listed below. Please make sure that prior to bid time your quotation is received by our company. Scope letters should be submitted the day before the bid date. Bonds may be required: 100% Performance and 100 % Payment for the full amount of subcontractor?s price. Surety companies will have to be approved by Argonaut Constructors (Argonaut). Argonaut may pay up to 1.5 % of the bond premium. Union signatory will be required on this project. Argonaut will offer assistance in obtaining bonding, lines of credit, insurance, equipment or supplies. Argonaut is willing to break down items into economically feasible packages and we are willing to break out any portion of work to encourage participation. Argonaut?s listing of a subcontractor is not an acceptance of any or all of that subcontractor?s conditions, qualifications, exclusions or exceptions included in the subcontractor?s bid proposal. Quotations must be valid for the same duration as specified by the Owner for Contract Award. Argonaut is relying on the price submitted in the subcontractor?s proposal as all-inclusive price for its trade scope found in the plans and specifications regardless of any qualifying language in the proposal. Plans may be reviewed at our office in Santa Rosa or they may be obtained through Caltrans at , and viewed local plan rooms, builder?s exchanges such as the North Coast Builders Exchange and California Builders Exchange. Argonaut Constructors is an equal opportunity employer , Argonaut Constructors P. O. Box 639/360 Sutton Place Santa Rosa, CA 95402/95407Telephone
Date posted: 07/11/2017
Contractor: Northern Pacific Corp Contact: Cindy Orme
Address: 550 Gateway Drive, Suite 104 Napa, CA 94558
Phone: 707-939-0595 Fax: 707-940-4298 Email:
Services needed: NORTHERN PACIFIC CORP. SEEKING DBE SUBCONTRACTORS/SUPPLIERS. Your company?s certification must be current with Caltrans. We require a copy of your CURRENT CERTIFICATION with your quote. NPC IS AVAILABLE TO DISCUSS BREAKING OUT PORTIONS OF WORK TO ENCOURAGE DBE PARTICIPATION. Scope of work: NPC is requesting the following trades including but not limited to: Trucking, lead compliance plan, CAS/traffic control/type III barricades/PCMS, WPCP, street sweeping, clear/grub, roadway exc., shoulder excavation, erosion control (bonded fiber matrix, fiber rolls, compost), aggregate, Type ?A? HMA/rubberized HMA, paving fabric, Remove & place AC dike, cold plane AC, fencing, delineators, remove and replace striping and signs and rumble stripe. The following is a list of TEMPORARY items need for this project: traffic stripes, K-rail, crash cushion, traffic screen, hydraulic mulch, cover, fiber roll, gravel bag berm, construction entrance, high-visibility fence.
Requirements: Dan Palmer (cell 707.732.1715 is the estimator bidding this project. He is available to answer any questions regarding scope of work, interpretation of plans, specs, bid process. NPC may also offer assistance in obtaining bonds, lines of credit, insurance, necessary equipment, materials, supplies, etc. NPC may also require payment and performance bonds. NPC will pay bond premiums up to 1-1/2% of contract cost. NPC is a NON-UNION contractor. All subcontractors performing labor on this project must pay PREVAILING WAGES and submit CERTIFIED PAYROLL REPORTS. Plans and specs can be viewed and downloaded from the Caltrans website, can be viewed at local plan rooms or our office at 550 Gateway Drive, Suite 104, Napa, California. INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS (including but not limited to): NPC requires to be named as additionally insured on all insurance certificates and primary and non-contributing wording on AI endorsement. Waiver of subrogation endorsement required for General Liability and Worker?s Compensation. NORTHERN PACIFIC CORP. IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER
Date posted: 07/19/2017