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2004 Standard Plans–Erratum No. 5

September 6, 2006

Subject: Issuance of 2004 New Standard Plans

The following 2004 New Standard Plan (NSP), dated September 1, 2006, is being issued and distributed in electronic format:

NSP P8, "Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement - Individual Slab Replacement"

2004 Standard Plan based projects must include this NSP, as applicable, for:

Projects in Division of Engineering Services - Office Engineer (DES-OE) not Draft Contract Ready by September 6, 2006.

Projects, including AADD, received in the DES-OE after September 6, 2006.

NSP P8 has been added to provide standard details for individual slab replacement for projects in metric units. The plan added was converted from the 2006 (U.S. Customary units) Revised Standard Plan RSP P8.

The listed NSP is available in DGN , DXF and PDF file format and is integrated into the list of 2004 Standard Plans at Caltrans Internet Website:


The NSP is available also in tif file format available via the DES-OE PS&E Pickup Folder for use in AADD projects at the following address:


The Standard Plans List SSP (StdPln) to go along with the 2004 Erratum No. 5 has been revised and is posted on the internet:




For questions or information regarding the Standard Plans information, please contact Santo Wong

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