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12-0H1604 Statewide Traffic Safety & Signs, Inc.
13755 Blaisdell Place Poway, Ca, 92064
Phone: 858.679.7292 Fax Number: 858.679.7117
Disadvantaged status:
Services offered: Statewide Traffic Safety & Signs designs, manufactures, sells, rents and installs active and passive traffic control systems. We have the capabilities to remove, reset, relocate, furnish and install these systems in all temporary or permanent applications. Our scope includes Construction Area Signs, Traffic Control Flagging, Flashing Arrow Signs, Changeable Message Signs, Extinguishable Message Signs, Traffic Cones, Barricades, Channelizers, Delineators, Crash Cushions, Roadside Signs/Posts/Structures, Overhead Signs/Structures, Object Markers, and Pavement Markers. Locations Servicing California: Arcata, Redding, Fairfield, San Jose, Sacramento, Fresno, Bakersfield, Nipomo, Garden Grove, and Poway.
Phone: 619-233-3766 Fax Number: 619-233-3768
Disadvantaged status: DBE SBE
12-0H1604 Pruitt Trucking Inc.
214 W. Poppyfields Drive Altadena, CA 91001
Phone: (626) 398-4500 Fax Number: (626) 398-5551
Disadvantaged status: DBE DVBE SBE
Services offered: PRUITT TRUCKING is a Truck Brokerage Firm Fully licensed by the USDOT, CUCP CERTIFIED and BONDED. We offer DUMP TRUCKS and a data base that provide a variety of equipment, many services (A-Z) and accommodate various needs. Have trucks that will travel.
12-0H1604 Maneri Traffic Control
47423 Rainbow Canyon Temecula, CA 92592
Phone: (951) 695-5104 Fax Number: (951) 695-5105
Disadvantaged status: DBE SBE
Services offered: MANERI TRAFFIC CONTROL offers construction area traffic control, pcms, attenuator trucks with and without driver, pilot car, flagging, crash cushions, ramp notification signs, construction area signs, delineators, channelizers, and much more. E-mail stephanie_mtc@yahoo.com if you have any questions. MANERI TRAFFIC CONTROL is certified DBE and SBE.
12-0H1604 Anderson Paint Store LLC - DBE www.andersonpaintstore.com
18429 West 8 Mile RD Detroit,Michigan 48219
Phone: 248 667 8059 Fax Number: andersonpsllc@aol.com
Disadvantaged status: DBE SBE
Services offered: Company credit equivalent that receive 60 percent of the value of the items supplies. In order for Anderson Paint Store LLC to provide you with quality product quotes, Please provide me with the following: QPL product, color, size, quantity and manufacture: We also can work with your local manufacture. (Tote,Drum,Gal) You can bill for paint supplies that have in storage or on site APS,LLC is certified in all of these States listed AZ ,Georgia ,FL,IL,MI,HI,MO,NV,OH,TN,TX,KS,CA,District of Columbia Import/Export Canada
12-0H1604 Pavement Recycling Systems
10240 San Sevain Way Mira Loma Ca 91752
Phone: 951-682-1091 Fax Number: 951-682-1094
Disadvantaged status:
12-0H1604 Pacific Environmental Health and Safety
2192 Martin, Suite 245 Irvine, CA 92612
Phone: (800) 530-9774 Fax Number: (949) 250-6398
Disadvantaged status: SBE
Services offered: Pacific EH&S Services, Inc. provides services in the areas of industrial hygiene, safety, environmental air monitoring, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans, SWPPP, WPCM, Caltrans Water Pollution Control Manager services, QSD consulting, QSP inspections, asbestos and lead compliance plans.
12-0H1604 Taradigm Inc.
4227 Sunrise Blvd. Fair Oaks, CA, 95828
Phone: 916-277-8206 Fax Number: 916-200-0426
Disadvantaged status:
Services offered: Taradigm is an Oracle/Primavera Certified Partner and Service Provider. We provide Primavera software as well as the required onsite training for Caltrans contracts. Training participants will gain a thorough background in the concepts of planning and scheduling using P6. Find more at www.taradigm.com!
12-0H1604 Flatiron Electric Group
7911-A Pine Ave. Chino, Ca. 91708
Phone: (714) 228-9631 Fax Number: (909) 597-9151
Disadvantaged status:
Services offered:
12-0H1604 Flatiron Electric
7911-A Pine Avenue Chino, CA. 91708
Phone: 714-228-9631 Fax Number: 909-597-9151
Disadvantaged status:
Services offered:
PO Box 1175 Three Rivers, CA 93271
Phone: (559) 740-6009 Fax Number: (559) 561-4834
Disadvantaged status: SBE
Services offered: ****PRE/POST CONSTRUCTION SURVEYS**** With close to sixty years of combined land surveying experience and a near parallel level of construction experience enables California Land Surveying a level knowledge and competence that few can match. *** CONSTRUCTION STAKING, ALTA SURVEYS, TOPOGRAPHIC SURVEYS, BOUNDARY SURVEYS, PARCEL MAPS/SUBDIVISIONS, FLOOD SURVEYS, ELEVATION CERTIFICATES, QUALITY CONTROL/ INSPECTION SERVICES, DESIGN SERVICES, CONSULTING SERVICES *** californialandsurveying.net
12-0H1604 Creative Planning Solutions - CPM SCHEDULING AND TRAINING
1177 Branham Lane #278 San Jose, CA 95118
Phone: (408)202-3244 Fax Number:
Disadvantaged status: DBE SBE
Services offered: CPS is a certified DBE/WBE/SBE in the State of California. We provide quality baseline development, monthly schedule updates, time impact analysis development, dispute resolution assistance and claims assistance for all levels of Caltrans projects throughout CA. Expertise in using Oracle P6 Software and Caltrans required software training. With over 18 years of experience in the industry, CPS would gladly provide you a prompt and competitive quote. Call us today!
12-0H1604 Central California EHS, LLC
5296 N Vernal Ave Fresno, CA, 93722
Phone: 559-623-2418 Fax Number:
Disadvantaged status:
Services offered: Central California EHS, LLC is a full-service industrial hygiene and safety-consulting firm owned and operated by a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH). We can perform a wide range of industrial hygiene sampling and analysis of various occupational stressors. We can also help with lead compliance plans. We can be reached at the following: Phone: 559.623.2418 e-mail: Michael@cencalehs.com Website: cencalehs.com
12-0H1604 Alfred Civil Engineering (DBE, SBE)
7604 Soquel Way Citrus Heights, California 95610
Phone: 916-241-5309 Fax Number: 9163747383
Disadvantaged status: DBE SBE
Services offered: SWPPP
12-0H1604 Pushpa Services
4924 Argyle Way Buena Park, CA 90621
Phone: 714-553-9552 Fax Number: 714-494-8440
Disadvantaged status:
Services offered: Pushpa Services offers a wide range of Project Controls Services. We specialize in CPM (Scheduling), conducting interactive session with clients & Report creation. Our team consists of highly experienced personnel that have in-depth knowledge of the construction industry (Federal/State) and relevant processes and procedures including OMB Guidelines. Pushpa Services has worked with various project teams to develop detailed construction schedules and progress measures using the Critical Path Methodology, evaluated different scenarios using what-if analysis, and conducted interactive session which pro-actively supported risk management plans, resource constraints which helped our clients implement mitigation plans before project execution. SERVICES OFFERED: Development of Detailed schedules based on Critical path methodology (CPM) Construction Interactive Schedules Schedule and Performance Updates including S-Curves and customize reports Scenario analysis using ?What-If? methodology Software / Tools : Primavera Enterprise, MS Project, MS Excel