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Database Search Information

We have changed our database system to provide a faster, more friendly interface for our contracting partners. On database searches with multiple entry fields, you only need to enter data into a single field to get the results you're searching for. For example, entering only a contract number will return all results for that contract. Entering only the district (04-) will return all records for that district. Entering data in multiple fields will restrict your search results to records which fit all search criteria.

All databases are refreshed nightly from 10 - 11pm, with special case updates pushed when necessary. Generally, data will not be added during the day.

XML files (new!) are available for searchable databases. This is an exact copy of the data available in searchable forms, for those needing that type of information.

Search for Planholders on Currently Advertised Projects

Enter full or partial search data into one or more fields Contract Number:

Example: 04-1234U4

Contractor Name

Bid Opening Date

Example: 2/29/2008

Bidding Set

Optional: Select whether planholder picked up a bidding set or not.

Search for opt-in subcontractors and suppliers.
Enter full or partial search data Contract Number:

Example: 04-1234U4

Disadvantaged Status: Optional


Services offered: Optional

Example: Drilling, Water Truck

New! Search planholder lists for previously advertised contracts
Enter complete contract number Contract Number:

Example: 04-1234U4

* UDBE is a new goal we are tracking, it stands for Underutilized Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and includes African Americans, women, Native American, and Asia-Pacific Islander owned businesses. See this letter for more information.

About Opt-in: Opt-in is a new feature on our website that allows contractors to be considered for subcontractor or supplier bids without ordering a planset from our plans desk. Prime contractors looking for suppliers will see the information you provide when they search for non-bidding planholders on our site. Please use this form to let others know what services you are available to offer for this project.

All data is entered by users of our website, not by the Department, and Caltrans makes no claims to the validity of the data shown. Please validate DBE, SBE, and DVBE at the following locations:

Thank you for using the Opt-In Search Tool. Please note that the Opt-In Search Tool does not replace good faith efforts as described in the contract documents.

Be aware that opt-in users will not receive updates when addenda are issued. Please check our addenda page.