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Inquiry #1: Item 112 Chain Link Fence (Type CL-6) has a quantity of 1490 LF. Chain Link Fence (Type CL-6) quantities are shown in the plans in the Erosion Control Quantities in three different location, Sheet 198 (EC-28), Sheet 213 (EC-43), and Sheet 229 (EC-59). On Sheet 213 (EC-43) the quantity is shown to be 830 LF on the quantity page but on this sheet there is no layout of Chain Link Fence (CL-6) just 830 FT Temporary Fence (Type ESA). Where is the 830 LF of Chain Link Fence (Type CL-6) supposed to go since there is no layout of this?
Inquiry submitted 09/27/2013

Response #1:Pending
Response posted 09/27/2013

Response #2:Bid as you see it
Response posted 09/30/2013

Inquiry #2: The Transition Railings (Type WB's) can not connect to the existing walls, they are to short and one is only 8" wide. Will these walls be replace or modified for the WB's?
Inquiry submitted 10/01/2013

Response #1:Pending
Response posted 10/01/2013

Response #2:Bid as you see it
Response posted 10/02/2013

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