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Inquiry #1: Will this project have a flex start? Since this project is primarily a paving project, there will be a couple different JMF's to submit. The Contractor will need time before the project starts to create and submit the JMF's.
Inquiry submitted 06/27/2014

Response #1: Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 06/27/2014

Response #2: Bids must be on a cost plus time basis. Section 8-1.05 of the Revised Standard Specifications states, "Complete the work within the Contract time."
Response posted 07/03/2014

Inquiry #2: In Section 39 Hot Mix Asphalt of the Special Provisions, on page 38, paragraph 1 states: “Replace the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th paragraphs of section 39-1.03D(1) of the RSS for section 39 with: Place HMA on adjacent traveled way lanes so the at the end of each work shift the distance between the ends of HMA layers on adjacent lanes is from 5 to 10 feet…Delete section 39-1.03D(2) of the RSS for section 39 (Tapered Notched Wedge)”.
In Section 39-1.03G Shoulder, Medians, and Other Road Connections of the RSS, on page 170, the last paragraph states: “If shoulders or median boarders are shown, pave shoulders and median borders adjacent to the lane before opening a lane to traffic”.
The current specifications require the contractor to pave all lanes and shoulders up even each work shift (to within the 5 to 10 feet requirement). The project can be completed in considerably less time, and at less taxpayer expense by allowing the lanes to be paved separately utilizing the Notched Wedge RSS Specification, 39-1-1.03(2). Please revise the special provisions to allow this method of paving.

Inquiry submitted 07/23/2014

Response #1: Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 07/24/2014

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