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Inquiry #1: Can you please post the environmental permits and reports related to this project as a supplementary item on the bid page? We need this information to clarify the PLACs for the roles for the contractor supplied biologist and other associated tasks. Thank you!
Inquiry submitted 05/08/2017

Response #1:The environmental permits and reports related to this project can be access through the web. Refer to file 09-350804IH.pdf under supplemental info.
Response posted 05/09/2017

Inquiry #2: Is there an approximate start date for this project?
Inquiry submitted 05/12/2017

Response #1:Your attention is directed to Section 8 of the Contract Special Provisions.
Response posted 05/12/2017

May this chart also be utilized for work during Stage 6?

Inquiry submitted 06/06/2017

Response #1:Chart No. K2 is for Stage 4 and Stage 5 work only.
Response posted 06/06/2017

Inquiry #4: Our preliminary schedule shows that the given 140 working days are not feasible given ordinary construction means combined with multiple required stages. In order to prevent contractor's from over inflating their bids to accommodate this, we request that additional working days are added to the contract.
Inquiry submitted 06/07/2017

Response #1:Additional working day will not be added. The Traffic Chart K1 will be modified by addendum to allow a larger traffic control window.
Response posted 06/08/2017

Inquiry #5: Does Cal Trans have any sites identified to dispose of the excess material?
Inquiry submitted 06/07/2017

Response #1:No, The material is the responsibility of the Contractor to properly dispose of outside the Highway Right of Way.
Response posted 06/08/2017

Inquiry #6: Bid Item 65, Rock Scaling, is paid by the SY and includes export of scale material.
How can the contractor quantify the volume of scaled material over the SY?

Please provide cross sections or quantities for each location.

Inquiry submitted 06/07/2017

Response #1:Scaling work is minimal to smooth out erosion gullies and such, and create a safe slope for drilling and mesh work. The contractor is best able to determine how much material will be brought down by the methods they have planned.
Response posted 06/08/2017

Inquiry #7: Can traffic be maintained on dirt or base during roadway removal without reversing one way traffic control?
Inquiry submitted 06/07/2017

Response #1:Yes, although this issue will be clarified in an addendum.
Response posted 06/08/2017

Inquiry #8:
Temp fiber rolls are shown on the West slope at Station 10110+30. This slope appears near vertical, making it difficult to install fiber rolls, and the fiber rolls ineffective.

Can the fiber rolls be eliminated and this location designed in an alternative protection method?

Inquiry submitted 06/07/2017

Response #1:There are no fiber rolls west of 10110+30? The plans appear to be correct and accurate in this area.
Response posted 06/08/2017

Inquiry #9: The Summary of Quantities shows no rock scaling/removal of scalings at location 1.

Please confirm that this is the intent for that location.

Inquiry submitted 06/08/2017

Response #1:That is correct. Work at location 1 is being paid as Roadway Excavation, not scaling.
Response posted 06/08/2017

Inquiry #10: The total SY for Rock Scaling is 4,000SY. This includes Areas 2, 3 , and 4.
Upon takeoffs and measurements of the area, our quantities show more than 50% overrun in SY.

Please confirm the planned quantity is correct.

Inquiry submitted 06/08/2017

Response #1:The planned quantity is an accurate estimate of what needs to be scaled at locations 2, 3, and 4. The entire surface area of these slopes should not need scaling.
Response posted 06/08/2017

Inquiry #11: What application rates are required to install the Coarse Compost for EC Type 1 and EC Type 2?
Inquiry submitted 06/13/2017

Response #1:Install coarse compost for EC Type 1 to a depth of 1 inch. For EC Type 2, install to a depth of 2 inches.
Response posted 06/13/2017

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