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Inquiry #1: There is not a bid item for 8' steel posts and none are called out in the summary of quantities. Will 8' steel posts be required on this project? If so; will they be installed under a change order?
Inquiry submitted 07/28/2017

Response #1:Please see Standard Plans 2015, A77N3, Note: 1, for steel post Installation. Also see Standard Specifications 2015, 83-2.02D Payment. Please bid per current contract documents.
Response posted 08/01/2017

Inquiry #2: Project Special Provisions section 20-5.06B(4) calls out for the soil sterilant to be a oxadiazon granular preemergent
complying with section 20-1.02C.Granular preemergent must be applied with a broadcast spreader
State Standard Specification 20-1.02C references using a preemergent with a photosensitive dye that produces a contrasting color when sprayed. This is for a liquid type application.

What is the correct type of preemergent to be used, liquid or granular?

Inquiry submitted 08/03/2017

Response #1:submitted for consideration
Response posted 08/03/2017

Response #2:The pre-emergent to be used is granular.
Response posted 08/08/2017

Inquiry #3: We notice that the quantity of Weed Control Mat those not include the length of the terminal system. Is the terminal have weed mat too? Please clarify.
Inquiry submitted 08/10/2017

Response #1:submitted for consideration
Response posted 08/10/2017

Response #2:Yes, the terminal system includes Weed Control Mat. Please see Project Plans, Construction Details C-5, and Notes 1- 7. Bid per current contract documents.
Response posted 08/14/2017

Inquiry #4: Special provisions section 83 specifies that wood blocks must be used for line posts. Plan sheet C-3 shows that 6x12x1'2" blocks are to be used for 9' steel posts and RSP A77L2 provided with the plans show that 6x8x1'2" blocks are to be used for 6' steel posts. Is this the intent to use different width blocks for the different length steel posts?
Inquiry submitted 08/12/2017

Response #1:submitted for considerations
Response posted 08/14/2017

Response #2:For application of blocks, please see Revised Standard Plan (RSP) A77L2, Notes #15- (for 6" dike locations), (RSP) A77N2 , (RSP) A77N3, and Construction Details C-3.
Response posted 08/15/2017

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