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Inquiry #1: Sprinkler schedule for type A-5 denotes requirements for the riser type IV to be both plastic and galvanized. Please advise.
Inquiry submitted 09/18/2013

Response #1:It should be galvanized steel and not both for riser type IV.
Response posted 09/18/2013

Inquiry #2: There are many tree stumps within the project limits. Are we to include removal of these stumps? Is this part of roadside clearing?
Inquiry submitted 09/24/2013

Response #1:Most of the tree stumps are in areas where groundcover plants will be planted. The groundcover will eventually cover the existing stumps. If a tree stump is in the way of rock blanket construction, the tree stump should be removed as part of roadside clearing.
Response posted 09/24/2013

Inquiry #3: The existing grade at rock blanket under bridges seems to be low and would need imported soils to bring up to finish grade. There seems to be a spillway or outlet that has corroded the soil and has created large pockets. Are we to include any import soils to fill these areas or is this paid as extra work? What bid item is this work paid?
Inquiry submitted 09/25/2013

Response #1:Please Bid per the contract plans and specifications.
Response posted 09/25/2013

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