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Inquiry #1: I am trying to determine the Lengths and Weights for all four(4) Austin Vault Sand Filters, but without the WQV (ft^3), I can't. Plus in WD-1 the table shows two options for the same WQV, which one do I need to use.
Can you please help me with this? Thank you.

Inquiry submitted 01/22/2014

Response #1:The type of Austin Vault Sand Filters can be found on Drainage Profile (DP) Sheets.
Response posted 01/24/2014

Inquiry #2: What work is paid under bid items 23 "Structural Excavation (Culvert)" and item 25 "Structural Backfill (Culvert)"? There is no descripton of these items in the standard specifications.
Inquiry submitted 01/24/2014

Response #1:Please see Section 19-3 of the Standard Specifications 2010.
Response posted 01/24/2014

Inquiry #3: I am trying to find the specifications for this project but all I can find are the following documents: Plans, Special Provisions and Federal Wages.

Please advise where the specifications can be found.

Thank you

Inquiry submitted 01/27/2014

Response #1:The Specifications can be found at the following website:
Response posted 01/28/2014

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