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Inquiry #1: Item #14 PLANT (GROUP M)
Based on our experience with furnishing (Contract Grow) the California Buckwheat the 65 Working Days of Construction Period is not sufficient time to grow the plants from seed and/or cuttings. The shortest period to grow the Buckwheat (on Contract 06-0Q2104) was about 5 Months with start of growing in late Winter (preferred time). Is the DoT CT willing to either
a) increase Construction Period or
b) plant Buckwheat during the Plant Establishment Period (preferred).

Inquiry submitted 08/23/2017

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 08/24/2017

Response #2:Please refer to Sub-section 8-1.04C under Section 8, "Prosecution and Progress", of the Special Provisions. There is a 55-day lead time from Contract Approval.
Response posted 08/28/2017

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