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Inquiry #1: Special provision section 12-9.01A (COZEEP) requires contractors to share in the cost 50/50 for up to 900 hours, then 100% contractors responsibility beyond the allocated hours. Will COZEEP be ordered during ramp closures when mainline will remain open?

Section 12-9.04 (Payment) states the rate per hour for each officer is $115.00 per hour. Does this rate include unlimited shift hours, or does overtime apply after a certain amount of hours?

Inquiry submitted 04/09/2017

Response #1:
Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 04/10/2017

Response #2:
The COZEEP rate per hour listed in SSP 12-9 applies for the entire shift allowed per the contract lane and ramp closure charts.

For purposes of this project bid that COZEEP will not be required for a ramp closure with no associated mainline lane closure. Per SSP 12-9 the Engineer will make the ultimate decision if COZEEP is required based on work activities and duration.

Response posted 04/11/2017

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