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Inquiry #1: Is the rebar in Concrete Barrier 60, 60 MOD, and 60S epoxy coated or only the rebar in the 60D Mod?
Inquiry submitted 02/04/2014

Response #1:Reference plans sheet number 46 and note 6 for Epoxy Coated Rebar. Only Concrete Barrier (Type 60D Mod).
Response posted 02/07/2014

Inquiry #2: Please confirm that the type(s) of APC (Alternative Pipe Culvert) listed on sheet DQ-1 are the only types of pipe that will be allowed on this project.
Inquiry submitted 02/09/2014

Response #1:The types of culverts listed on the contract plan sheets are the only types intended.
Response posted 02/11/2014

Inquiry #3: Please describe HMA restoration for 30" alternative pipe culvert in southbound lanes of Route 17.
Inquiry submitted 02/11/2014

Response #1:The proposed structural section for the southbound lanes is the same as NB and is shown on X-1, (P3), 0.10 ft HMA (open grade), over 0.45 ft HMA (Type A), over 0.90 ft Cl 2 AB.
Response posted 02/11/2014

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