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Inquiry #1: In regards to the roadway quantities shown on sheet 37 of 75 (Q-1). Our take-off is showing a big difference in quantities. For example on the first line station Lt 517+83 to 522+58 Location "A" you show removal of 476 cy of material but only 123 cy of fill (246 tons of HMA and RHMA). Sheet 2 of 75 also confirms that your quantity is off. Under the Route 85 section cut structure section 9 shows .15'RHMA-G and .60' of HMA-A for 8'Wide (shown on ROUTE 85 Section) and 476'L distance between 517+82 to 522+58. 476'L x 8'W x .75'/27 = 105.77 cy of removal and replacement. Your quantity shows 476 cy of removal. This can apply for all the remove asphalt concrete pavement section. Please change quantity to reflect appropriate removal quantities.
Inquiry submitted 05/31/2017

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 05/31/2017

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