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Inquiry #1: What type and size of fasteners are required for the Rolled Erosion Control Product (Netting)?
Inquiry submitted 12/30/2013

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 12/31/2013

Response #2:Per the standard specifications 2010 for RECP, staple shall be used to anchor netting see 21-1.02R - Steel staples must be a minimum of 11-gauge, 6-inch, U-shaped staples with a 1-inch crown. Provide heavier gauge and greater length if required by site conditions.
Response posted 01/15/2014

Inquiry #2: 1. Spec section 70-10.03D requires that the contractor “repair all damage at no cost to the State”. Caltrans has specified the hammering approach for placing the casing. Will the contractor be liable for any settlement of the embankment due to the hammering vibrations?

2. We have completed several similar jobs where preventing the embankment from pushing out at the far side required structural measures. These were much more extensive than the suggested blasting mats. Could the contractor on this job utilize a non-hammering method that would better prevent roadway settlement and ensure embankment stability?

Inquiry submitted 01/13/2014

Response #1:1. As per the special provisions, the contractor will be responsible for controlling his means and methods to protect the existing roadway and embankment, and/or repair any settlement damage caused by the installation of the project.

2. The bid should include whatever methods the contractor believes is required to ensure slope stability. Any damage done will be repaired by the contractor at no additional cost to Caltrans.
Response posted 01/15/2014

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