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Inquiry #1: Bid Item #25 "Traffic Monitoring Station System":
Per Standard Spec. section 87-6 "The components of a traffic monitoring station system are shown on the project plans."

I may be slow, but I can not find where this item is shown on the project plans. Would you please assist?

Inquiry submitted 07/18/2017

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 07/19/2017

Inquiry #2: Plan sheets L-1 & L-2 show two injection areas:
1) Polyurethane injection areas (under asphalt roadway).
2) Grout injection areas (under concrete approach slabs).

The bid item and the special provisions only discuss polyurethane injection. Is there also grout injection on this project?

Inquiry submitted 07/19/2017

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 07/19/2017

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