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Test Method

ASTM Designation: D 2435, “Standard Test Methods for One-Dimensional Consolidation Properties of Soils Using Incremental Loading”

Summary of Test Method

This test method covers procedures for determining the magnitude and rate of consolidation of soil when it is restrained laterally and drained axially while subjected to incrementally applied controlled-stress loading. In this test method a soil specimen is restrained laterally and loaded axially with total stress increments. Each stress increment is maintained until excess pore water pressures are completely dissipated. During the consolidation process, measurements are made of change in the specimen height and these data are used to determine the relationship between the effective stress and void ratio or strain, and the rate at which consolidation can occur by evaluating the coefficient of consolidation.

The data from the consolidation test are used to estimate the magnitude and rate of both differential and total settlement of a structure or earthen fill. Estimates of this type are of key importance in the design of engineered structures and the evaluation of their performance. The test results can be greatly affected by sample disturbance. Hence, careful selection and preparation of test specimens is required to minimize disturbance.

Minimum Sample Size

Undisturbed Sample: 1 Tube (1 lb)
Remolded Sample: 2 Canvas Bags (80 lb)

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