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Foundation Testing and Instrumentation Branch

The Foundation Testing and Instrumentation Branch provides statewide foundation testing and geotechnical instrumentation services.

Thomas Song
Phone : (916) 227-1000
Mobile: (916) 947-7250

  • Pile Load Testing (PLT). Pile Load Testing statically loads full-size test piles to accurately evaluate the actual constructed capacity and load-deflection behavior. Foundation Testing has test capacities up to 8,000,000 pounds and can test in compression, tension, and lateral configurations.
  • Pile Dynamic Analysis (PDA). PDA provides the strains and accelerations present within a pile during driving operations. Strain and acceleration data allows engineers to accurately evaluate the pile driving stresses to prevent damage, describe the performance of the hammer to examine driving system efficiency, and provide an estimate of pile capacity.
  • Gamma-Gamma Logging (GGL). GGL utilizes nuclear density logging methods to nondestructively evaluate the condition of Cast-in-Drilled Hole (CIDH) piles. FTB provides Quality Assurance acceptance tests for all CIDH piles that are cast under slurry conditions or utilizing temporary casing to control groundwater.
  • Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL). CSL is another nondestructive test for CIDH piles that utilizes sound waves to image a pile. CSL is used as a complement to Gamma-Gamma Logging to further define the nature and extent of detected anomalies.
  • Sonic Caliper Logging (SCL). SCL uses directional sonar techniques to provide field personnel and pile designers with the profile of a shaft after drilling but prior to concrete placement. This information allows for identification of cave-ins, cross-sectional area, plumbness, and shaft roughness.
  • Downhole Camera. For monitoring Contractor CIDH Pile repair procedures, the camera is capable of fitting into a 2-inch diameter PVC Inspection Tube and providing real time true color pictures to the surface. The camera allows for visual confirmation of mitigation efforts, assessment of the nature and extent of anomalous material within a pile, and photodocumentation of the concrete and anomaly.
  • Wave Equation Analysis. WEA performs Wave Equation studies to examine driveability prior to field construction to prevent pile damage during installation and field acceptance criteria during construction to evaluate the relationship between observed field conditions and pile capacity.
  • Geotechnical Testing Consultation. GTC are specialized engineering services, testing instrumentation, pile testing and review of structure foundation reports and geotechnical design.


Test request forms are available here and may be either emailed or faxed to the Branch Chief.