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Headquartered in Sacramento, the Office of Drilling Services (ODS) is organized and ready to provide service statewide to our primary clients, the Geotechnical Services (GS) design groups and through them to the various offices and divisions of the Department. ODS has equipment staged in multiple areas around the state for quick response in emergency situations, and has regular training for the various requirements of safety, maintenance, and water quality issues throughout the state. ODS has drilling staff with many years of varied experience in both the government and private sectors, organized with Leadworkers for solving problems in the field, and Senior Drillers available to provide field support for more difficult or complex problems. Additionally, the Senior Drillers are available for consultation such as assisting with the oversight of consultant contractors and providing construction support with many years of drilling expertise.

About half of the fleet of equipment is geared for drilling shallow borings, 50 to 150 feet through pavement for geotechnical sampling and in-situ testing under existing highways. Additional specialized equipment is available to drill in remote areas from all-terrain or track mounted rigs, or from barges on waterways, and anywhere with limited access, as well as drilling deeper to about 1,000 feet. ODS has the tooling required to provide a variety of services, ranging from pushing small samplers through soft clay, to conventional drilling and sampling in a variety of soils, as well as coring through hard rock. Thus ODS is prepared for the geological complexity typical of the State of California.

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Picture of 2 Rigs Drilling Along Interstate 80

Henry Brimhall
Phone: (916) 227-4475
Fax: (916) 227-4408


Drilling A

David Thomas

(916) 227-7158

Drilling B

Laurel Jensen

(916) 227-4407

Drilling C

Mark Richards

(916) 227-5448

Drilling D

Bogdan Komorniczak

(916) 227-5863


Drilling A

Mike Petty

(916) 227-4444

Drilling B

David Orlandi

(916) 227-5431

Wade Taylor

(916) 227-4420

Drilling C

Michael Santos

(916) 227-5446

Drilling D

Carl Boling

(916) 227-5439

Robert Fletcher

(916) 227-5442

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