California Department of Transportation

The 2017 Call for Submission of Proposals has expired

  • Caltrans was seeking Proposals for the below listed Problem Statements.
  • Proposal submittals to Earthquake Engineering Customer Service expired on February 22, 2016 (Midnight Pacific Standard Time)
  • A guideline for drafting a Research Proposal is available here.

Problem Statements

PS Number

Problem Statement Title

Institution Awarded
17_GS001 Development of Guideline for Generation, Selection, and Adjustment of Ground Motions University of California, Irvine
17_GS002 Accurate Damping Model for Nonlinear Time History Analysis University of California, Los Angeles
17_GS003 Comparison of Embedded Data Collector (EDC) to the Pile Dynamic Analysis (PDA) for Precast Piles Withdrawn
17_GS004 Deck Design Loads and Analysis Auburn University
17_GS005 Deployment of Post Grouting Techniques to Improve Drilled Shaft End-Bearing Resistance University of Missouri
17_GS006 Grade 80 Reinforcement for Members forming Plastic Hinges Withdrawn
17_GS007 ABC Bridge Column Seismic Anchorage Performance University of Nevada, Reno
17_GS008 LFD and LRFD Capacity of Steel Pin and Hanger Assembly Oregon State University


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the anticipated budget for each proposal? Funding will be a function of the approved State budget for FY 16/17, which begins July 1, 2016 and the merits of the proposal. Details of that budget are typically not available to us until July 2016.
What is Caltrans policy on overhead? 17.5% for both in-state and out-of-state universities.
Can a project have a longer duration? A longer performance period is acceptable if dictated by the experimental plan.
For 17_GS005, can this project be scoped with model testing, large-scale testing and /or large scale field tests? We anticipate large-scale field testing will be necessary to validate the proposed method in addition to smaller scale testing in the laboratory.
For 17_GS003,is there field test of EDC available from Caltrans? Are new field tests expected? Caltrans currently does not use EDC. However, researcher(s) may coordinate to use the technique on one of the Caltrans’ projects in construction. Field testing and verification will be required.
For 17_GS005, there is a reference to a 2010 Final Report performed by UNR. Where can I get a copy of that report? This report can be downloaded here (13.9 MB, pdf).
What is the status of 17_GS006? This problem statement has been withdrawn pending results from on-going work at North Carolina State University and University of California, San Diego
For 17_GS005, who is responsible the field work?

The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for any field experimentation, and should include those costs in the proposal budget. The PI should not assume Caltrans will assist in the field experimentation, other than to identify potential sites after a proposal is selected. At this time we do not have any potential construction sites in mind.



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