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Office of Structural Materials - Inspection Request Forms

TL-38 Inspection Request Form

The Office of Structural Materials, Quality Assurance and Source Inspection Branch is divided into three offices representing various counties in the State of California. The TL-38 Inspection Request Form may be faxed to one of the offices listed below, the fax number is indicated on the form
All suppliers will fit within one of the categories below:

  • Suppliers in the State of California: FAX the TL-38 Inspection Request Forms to the office that has responsibility for the county in which the supplier is located. Select County below.
  • Out-of-State Supplier: FAX the TL-38 Inspection Forms to the office that has responsibility for the county where the project is located.

Use the menu to view the form:  

If unsure of the location to send the form please contact the office through one of the numbers under the office name.

Bay Area Branch
Phone: (707) 649-5453
Sacramento Branch
Phone: (916) 227-7263
Los Angeles Branch
Phone: (562) 229-9244

Standard TL-38 Inspection Form

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