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Not sure what you want to do? Bridge maintenance? Bridge hydraulics? Transit structures? Geotechnical engineering?


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Even if you know Design is #1 for you, seize the opportunity and do an elective six-month rotation--in addition to bridge construction. Rotation is difficult to arrange once youšre promoted. The background gained will provide a perspective and contacts that may be of value later in your career, or even on your first design project! You will still be sourced to a design unit during your rotation period and they will look after you. Contact Sr. Bridge Engineer for more information on the rotation program.

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Div. of Materials Engineering and Testing: Testing of a Fracture Critical Element on the SFOBB (left).

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Div. of Geotechnical Services, Foundation Investigation Branch (right). Office work, 50%; field work, 50%.
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Office of Earthquake Engineering: Lap splice slippage vertical cracks
Div. of Geotechnical Services, Foundation Testing and Instrumentation Branch
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Division of Maintenance and Investigation: Biennial Bridge Inspection Reports for 25,000 bridges, most of which donšt require climbing.
Divisions of Geotechnical Services, Maintenance and Investigation, Scour Critical Program. Office of Hydrology & Hydraulics Section does studies and prepares written reports.