California Department of Transportation

Propane Fueling Locations

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Division of Equipment (DOE) has compiled the following information identifying propane motor fueling locations accepting the State of California Fuel Credit Card issued currently through the Voyager Corporation.

Caltrans does not guarantee the accuracy of this information or the grade of motor fuel.

Caltrans does not imply the endorsement of any vendor or manufacturer.

Caltrans recommends that the purchaser verify the acceptance of the State of California Voyager Fuel Credit Card prior to the purchase of propane.

When purchasing Propane with a Voyager Credit Card, add your Driver's ID and Mileage to the invoice

* If you locate a Propane station that accepts a Voyager Credit Card, please send the information via E-mail (comments link on left), and we will add the station to the list. Thank you for "greening the fleet".