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Last Updated: Thursday, January 5, 2012 1:08 PM

Media Filters

A media filter removes fine sediment and particulate pollutants through two concrete-lined vaults. This is done through an initial sedimentation vault and a second filtering vault. Other runoff constituents, such as nutrients, heavy metals, oil and grease, and bacteria and viruses, may also be reduced. Two types of media, sand and pearlite/zeolite, are used in the three filter types: Austin, Delaware, and canister. Sand filters incorporate either an open (Austin) or closed-topped (Delaware) sedimentation basin where runoff enters. The canister type filter uses the pearlite/zeolite media. Storm events greater than the design storm bypass the filters.

Site Location: Kearny Mesa Maintenance Station

Directions: I-805 to eastbound Balboa Avenue (SR274), left on Convoy Street, left to 7179 Opportunity Road

Site Location: Escondido Maintenance Station

Directions: Eastbound SR 78 to Nordahl exit south, left to 1780 West Mission Road

Site Location: La Costa Park and Ride

Directions: I-5 to La Costa Avenue eastbound, park and ride is north of La Costa Avenue, east of I-5 north on ramp

Site Location: SR 78/I-5 Park and Ride

Directions: Where SR 78 becomes Vista Way, right on Moreno Street, right into park and ride

Maintenance for media filters includes clearing clogged filters, removing accumulated sediment, and monitoring of vectors (e.g., mosquitos and rodents).

Site Location: Eastern Regional Maintenance Station

Directions: SR 60 eastbound to 1740 Workman Mill Road

Site Location: Foothill Maintenance Station

Directions: I-10 to northbound Mountain Avenue off ramp, left to 850 East Huntington Drive

Site Location: Termination Park and Ride

Directions: I-605 southbound to eastbound Imperial Highway exit, right on Hoxie Avenue to entrance of park and ride

Site Location: Paxton Park and Ride

Directions: I-210 to Paxton Street to northeast corner of Paxton Street and Foothill Blvd.


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