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Last Updated: Wednesday, April 13, 2016 10:10 AM

Continuous Deflection Separators

Two Continuous Deflection Separators¨ (CDS) units will be used in these pilot studies in the Los Angeles area. Both are currently under design and are estimated to be operational by February 2000. These CDS are pre-cast units placed downstream of freeway drain inlets to capture sediment and debris. These underground units create a vortex of water that allows water to escape through the screen, while contaminants are deflected into the sump, and later removed. The CDS units are intended to screen litter, fine sand, and larger particles that can have other pollutants adsorbed to them. They can act as a first screen influence for trash and debris, vegetative material, oil and grease, and heavy metals.

CDS unit captures and removes oil and grease in addition to trash, debris, and coarse sediment before roadway or parking lot runoff discharges to storm drains. Graphic courtesy of CDS Technologies, Inc.

image of Continuous Deflection Separators (CDS) units
The CDS units will be located adjacent to I-210 east of Orcas Avenue and east of Filmore Avenue in Los Angeles.


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