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Last Updated: Friday, January 19, 2018 2:38 PM

California Essential Habitat Connectivity Project


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Final Products are now available on the Project Materials page. Click here to view reports and additional information.


California along with other states and nations are becoming more aware of the importance of connected habitats to ensure the existence of wildlife and biodiversity. Conserving these connections in California requires an understanding of wildlife needs, a common way of evaluating these needs and a collective recognition of these plans by implementing and resource agencies.

The California Essential Habitat Connectivity Project is a highly-collaborative endeavor sponsored by the California Departments of Transportation (Caltrans) and Fish and Game (DFG) with three major goals:

1. Develop a statewide wildlife habitat connectivity map using Geographic (GIS) analysis and modeling

2. Identify criteria and priorities for connectivity analyses

3. Develop a strategic plan that will outline the framework necessary to complete connectivity analyses

As targeted end users, your input is critical to ensure these products will benefit your plans and projects. These products are intended to benefit diverse planning activities that may affect wildlife habitat connectivity, such as Regional Transportation Plans, General Plans, Habitat Conservation Plans, and the State Wildlife Action Plan.

We will use this website to post materials related to this effort to keep you informed. This project is projected to run from June 2008 until February 2010. See the links above for additional information about this project.