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Last Updated: Thursday, January 30, 2014 2:09 PM

Statewide Conformity Working Group
September 18, 2013 Teleconference


Note: Times are approximate, for general scheduling purposes - they are not "time certain."

10:00 - Welcome; introductions; housekeeping; agenda review

10:05 - Public Comment on matters not on the agenda

10:10 - Federal Updates

  • EPA Regulatory Update
  • NAAQS Review Schedule Update (handout) PDF file - click to get Reader software from Adobe
  • Quantitative Analysis Updates/EMFAC
  • Significant Litigation & Other Matters
  • Federal Highways & Other Updates

11:00 - ARB updateS

  • EMFAC 2011 (ARB web site) (note January 2013 updates)
  • Future EMFAC (EMFAC 2013 progress report)

11:30 - Break

11:45 - Caltrans Updates

  • Conformity Status Table (handout) PDF file - click to get Reader software from Adobe (updated with 2008 ozone action letters)
  • California Sanctions Clocks Table (handout) PDF file - click to get Reader software from Adobe (updated per Federal Register through August 2013)
  • CT-EMFAC 5 (web link)

12:00 - Status of Air Quality & Transportation Planning in California

  • MPO & Air District conformity status and information discussion

12:45 - Information sharing AND OTHER MATTERS

  • Next meeting - March-April 2014
  • ACTION - NEW CHAIR: Mike Brady retiring. Group needs to choose a new chair for next year.
    Jason Crow of ARB has volunteered.

1:00 PM - Adjourn


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