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Statewide Conformity Working Group
October 13, 2011 Teleconference

Preliminary Agenda

Note: Times are approximate, for general scheduling purposes - they are not "time certain."

9:00 - Welcome; introductions; housekeeping; agenda review

9:05 - Public Comment on matters not on the agenda

9:10 - Federal Updates

  • Federal Updates including:

    • PM Hot Spot Training report
    • Effect on conformity of changing a standard where change doesn’t affect actual numeric standard (e.g. CO)
    • EPA Regulatory Update (ozone implemetation handout)
    • NAAQS Review Schedule Update
    • Significant Litigation & Other Matters
    • Federal Highways & Other Updates
      • Rural One-Lane Bridges –policy regarding use of conformity exemption
      • Reauthorization progress

10:00 - ARB updateS

10:15 - Interagency Consultation Matters - For Concurrence

  1. PM Hot Spot Planning Assumptions: confirm use of EPA guidance with EMFAC for emission factors.
  2. Truck Volume Discussion in PM Hot Spot Documentation - standardize presentation in consultation materials
  3. Latest EPA AP-42 to be used for paved road dust unless otherwise required by SIP

10:30 - Break

10:45 - Caltrans Updates

  • California Interregional Blueprint/California Transportation Plan update (handout) PDF document
  • Conformity Status Table update (handout) PDF document
  • Use EMFAC 2011 instead of CT-EMFAC (which is based on EMFAC 2007) for new environmental studies
    • A period where EMFAC 2011 is used for environmental studies and 2007 is used for conformity may occur.

11:10 - Status of Air Quality & Transportation Planning in California

  • MPO status discussion
  • Air District status discussion

11:45 - Information sharing

  • Next meeting - March 2012
  • Consider changing to an annual meeting?
  • Chair for next year

12:00 PM - Adjourn


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