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Last Updated: Friday, February 3, 2012 12:03 PM

Statewide Conformity Working Group
June 15, 2006 Meeting

Draft Agenda

10:30  Welcome; introductions; housekeeping; agenda review

10:40  Public Comment on matters not otherwise on the agenda

10:50  FHWA Updates

  • SAFETEA-LU Implementation Update
    • July 2007 deadline issues
    • CMAQ update
      • Rulemaking schedule
      • Off-road/construction equipment
  • PM Hot Spot Analysis (with EPA & CT)
    • Summary of 3/10/06 Rule, 3/29/06 Guidance, and 5/9/06 FAQ (handout)
    • Dealing with “retrofit” studies – projects that are past NEPA
    • Do we need/have contingency plans?
      Environmental groups filed petition for review of the 3/10/06 hotspot conformity rule.
  • Project Listing Criteria Table (handout)

11:20  US EPA Updates

  • Recent EPA SIP Actions (emission budget adequacy, approvals, sanctions clocks, etc.)
  • Particulate Matter Standards proposal next steps
    • Comments closed on standards and monitoring proposals – next steps
    • Comments still open on transition rule
    • Exceptional Events rule – any relevance to conformity or transportation planning/projects?
  • SAFETEA-LU Implementation Rulemaking update
  • Other information/guidance

11:45  Lunch Break

1:15    ARB Updates

  • EMFAC update
  • 8 hr. ozone SIP progress
  • PM2.5 SIP progress

1:45   Caltrans Updates

  • CO Protocol update – nothing new to report
  • PM10/2.5 Hot Spot Analysis – work on update of 2005 guidance still pending task order
  • RTP Guidelines/Handbook update (current version web link)
  • California Transportation Planning Conference (5/30-6/1/06) report
  • AASHTO SCOP/SCOE (6/11-15) meeting report

2:15   Status of Transportation and Air Quality Planning in California

  • Near-Term Air Quality Plans – Area Representatives
  • RTP and TIP Updates and Amendments – Area Representatives

3:00 Information sharing

  • STAPPA/ALAPCO PM2.5 Options document (Mark Brucker) (handout)

3:30 Adjournment