California Department of Transportation

Last Updated: Friday, February 3, 2012 12:03 PM

Statewide Conformity Working Group
May 19, 2005 Meeting

Draft Agenda

10:30 Welcome; introductions; housekeeping; agenda review

10:40 Public Comment

10:50 FHWA Updates

  • Status of 8-hour ozone conformity determinations
  • Update on Status of TEA-21 Reauthorization
  • Status of CMAQ Funding and Allocation Criteria
  • Statewide FSTIP Issues
    • Financial Constraint –Conformity Lockdown upon State Budget approval?

11:20 US EPA Updates

  • Recent EPA SIP Actions (emission budget adequacy, approvals, sanctions clocks, etc.)
  • Status of 8-hour ozone implementation rule – Phase 2
  • Status of PM2.5 implementation rule and conformity rule updates if needed
  • New Guidance Documents for PM2.5 (Inventory, Multiple MPO, Fugitive)
  • Potential Training Courses
  • Status of Imperial County (PM10)

11:45 Lunch Break

1:15 ARB Updates

  • EMFAC updates
  • Regional SIP development updates (N. Calif., So. Calif.)
  • OFFROAD model updates; prospect for use in conformity analyses and projects?

2:00 Status of Transportation and Air Quality Planning in California

  • Near Term Air Quality Plans – Area Representatives
  • RTP and TIP Updates and Amendments – Area Representatives

3:00 Information sharing

  • Staff changes, meeting locations, other administrative matters

3:30 Adjournment