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Last Updated: Wednesday, April 6, 2016 12:52 PM

Statewide Conformity Working Group -
November 2004 Meeting

Handouts and Background Information

Note: In most cases, PDF files provided here have been converted from word processing or spreadsheet formats supplied by Conformity Working Group members or others, for consistency of presentation and accessibility. PDF files should retain the formatting of the original document. Other versions may not follow the original document formatting, and are provided for content accessibility only.

Refuse Trucks Regulation PDF document

EPA 8-Hour Ozone Issues/Questions List PDF document

Regional 8-hour ozone conformity approaches

US EPA Conformity SIP Guidance

This document was presented at the Conformity Working Group meeting, but was yet available from EPA's transportation conformity web site Exit Caltrans website. The official version of this guidance will be distributed via EPA's web site.

FHWA Conformity Checklists:

Checklists have been withdrawn by FHWA for review and revision. Versions of these checklists that were previously distributed should not be used.

ARB Conformity Emission Budgets Summary

UC Davis TCM Study Report Exit Caltrans website

ARB Presentation regarding mobile source emission inventory and EMFAC revisionsExit Caltrans website