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Last Updated: Wednesday, April 6, 2016 11:38 AM

Other Project-Level Tools


These tools were developed for general Caltrans staff use, and do not have any official status with respect to conformity analysis.


Additional tools developed to support air quality analysis by Caltrans staff are made available here. They include:

  • DVTOOL v. 1.1: a stand-alone design value calculation tool that can be used with U.S. EPA's AERMOD or Lakes Environmental's AERMOD View. [download]
    • U.S. EPA also released an updated design value tool to support particulate matter hot spot analysis in the transportation conformity process. EPA's tool is based on MySQL. EPA's tool can be downloaded at their web site Exit Caltrans website.
  • AERMOD View Guidance: Guidance prepared as part of internal training of Caltrans staff for use of Lakes Environmental's AERMOD View analysis package. THIS IS NOT A RECOMMENDATION REGARDING USE OF LAKES' SOFTWARE. [download]

Installation Notes

DVTOOL is based on .NET; .NET 3.5 or higher should be available to use it.

Administrator access to the computer is required to install or upgrade .NET.

Most Caltrans software does not require administrative access to the computer, and should not be placed in a "Program Files" folder or other restricted-access location unless otherwise noted. Create a new folder where the user has full (read/write) access, then extract all the files in the ZIP archive to it maintaining the file and folder structure and names in the zip file.


DVTOOL and the AERMOD View Guidance were developed for Caltrans by Sonoma Technology Inc. Exit Caltrans website
All software and documentation is copyright © 2016 by the State of California.

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