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Last Updated: Wednesday, February 1, 2017 2:59 PM

Caltrans Air Quality Research —
Caltrans/UCD Air Quality Project


Air quality research became a Dvision of Environmental Analysis function during a 1994-7 transition period. An ongoing relationship was developed with the University of California, David (UCD). Work was done through the Institute of Transportation Studies, and later a direct relationship with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Most work after about 2000 was led by Dr. Deb Niemeier as the Principal Investigator, and Sonoma Technology Inc. subcontracted for portions of the work. This relationship became known as the Caltrans/UCD (or UCD/Caltrans) Air Quality Project (UCD website). Because the Project is no longer active, the UCD web site may not remain available; this site provides access to the key work products that were publicly released.

For a general keyword search of AQP reports and memos available here, use the search box below. Most work from about 1998 through 2007 should be accessible using the search function. Some key work is separately noted below, and reports done during the wind-down period may not be in the database used for the search function.

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Some highlights of Caltrans/UCD air quality studies include:

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