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Laws and Regulations Redirect Page

This page provides a central redirection point for key air quality laws and regulations that are frequently referred to in other site pages. The original sources sometimes change their web addresses or site organization without notice. References to these laws and regulations within this web site are normally directed here rather than directly to the original at or other similar web sites.

Key Federal Laws Exit Caltrans website

Key Federal Regulations Exit Caltrans website

  • U.S. EPA Conformity Regulations Table of Contents at eCFR [retrieved 1/17/13]
  • U.S. EPA Transportation Conformity Regulations (40 CFR 93 Subpart A)
    [Subpart and Section URLs retrieved on 1/17/2013.]
    • §93.100 Purpose.
    • §93.101 Definitions.
    • §93.102 Applicability.
    • §93.103 Priority.
    • §93.104 Frequency of conformity determinations.
    • §93.105 Consultation.
    • §93.106 Content of transportation plans and timeframe of conformity determinations.
    • §93.107 Relationship of transportation plan and TIP conformity with the NEPA process.
    • §93.108 Fiscal constraints for transportation plans and TIPs.
    • §93.109 Criteria and procedures for determining conformity of transportation plans, programs, and projects: General.
    • §93.110 Criteria and procedures: Latest planning assumptions.
    • §93.111 Criteria and procedures: Latest emissions model.
    • §93.112 Criteria and procedures: Consultation.
    • §93.113 Criteria and procedures: Timely implementation of TCMs.
    • §93.114 Criteria and procedures: Currently conforming transportation plan and TIP.
    • §93.115 Criteria and procedures: Projects from a transportation plan and TIP.
    • §93.116 Criteria and procedures: Localized CO, PM, and PMviolations (hot-spots).
    • §93.117 Criteria and procedures: Compliance with PMand PMcontrol measures.
    • §93.118 Criteria and procedures: Motor vehicle emissions budget.
    • §93.119 Criteria and procedures: Interim emissions in areas without motor vehicle emissions budgets.
    • §93.120 Consequences of control strategy implementation plan failures.
    • §93.121 Requirements for adoption or approval of projects by other recipients of funds designated under Title 23 U.S.C. or the Federal Transit Laws.
    • §93.122 Procedures for determining regional transportation-related emissions.
    • §93.123 Procedures for determining localized CO, PM, and PMconcentrations (hot-spot analysis).
    • §93.124 Using the motor vehicle emissions budget in the applicable implementation plan (or implementation plan submission).
    • §93.125 Enforceability of design concept and scope and project-level mitigation and control measures.
    • §93.126 Exempt projects.
    • §93.127 Projects exempt from regional emissions analyses.
    • §93.128 Traffic signal synchronization projects.
    • §93.129 Special exemptions from conformity requirements for pilot program areas.
  • U.S. EPA General Conformity Regulations (CFR 93 Subpart B)
    • §93.153 Applicability (subsection (a) refers to Transportation Conformity taking precedence)
  • U.S. EPA Conformity-Related SIP Regulations (40 CFR 51 Subpart T and Subpart W)
  • U.S. EPA Official Area Designations (40 CFR 81.305 - California, Green Book)
  • Transportation Planning Regulations (23 CFR 450)
  • FHWA NEPA Regulations (23 CFR 771)