California Department of Transportation

New Procuring A&E Contracts

***Effective April 18, 2016***


   newstar Overview of A&E Lean Six Sigma Contract Process (rev. 3/17/17)

   newstar Request for Qualifications Notice (rev. 4/07/17)

Statement of Qualifications (SOQ)

   newstar SOQ Submittal Instructions (rev. 10/5/17)--for advertisements dated after 10/5/17

   newstar SOQ Submittal Instructions (rev. 9/29/17)--for advertisements dated 4/26/17 through 10/4/17

   newstar SOQ Responsiveness Checklist (rev. 4/25/17)

Consultant Selection

Initial Evaluation

   newstar SOQ Initial Evaluation, ADM 2027a (rev. 12/09/16)

   newstar SOQ Initial Evaluation - Strengths and Weaknesses, ADM 2027b (12/09/16)


   newstar Sample Notice of Shortlisted Results Letter (rev. 8/15/16)

   newstar Sample Interview Letter with Instructions (rev. 5/9/17)

   newstar Sample Final Ranking Letter (rev. 8/15/16)

Final Evaluation

   newstar Presentation and Interview, ADM 2028a Enhanced (rev. 6/2/16)

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