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Public Notices:


  • The Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is going green and will no longer provide hard copy solicitation documents. All solicitation and addenda documents issued by the Division of Procurement and Contracts are only available through BidSync and Cal eProcure.
    • BidSync Tips
    • To view Caltrans solicitation documents and addenda through Cal eProcure, navigate to Get Public Procurement Information, select See Current Bids, and search Department 2660 Department of Transportation.
  • The bid opening time for all Division of Procurement and Contracts solicitations is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:00 p.m.  The location of the bid openings and the conference call information will remain the same.
  • Published bidders list will be posted to BidSync at least once during the solicitation process. Caltrans advises that prospective bidders periodically check Bidsync for modifications to bid documents. Caltrans is not responsible for a prospective bidder's misunderstanding of the bid solicitation or nonresponsive bid due to failure to check BidSync for updates or addenda to bid documents, and/or other information regarding the bid solicitations. Failure to periodically check these websites will be at the bidder's sole risk.

Disabled Veterans Enterprise Program (DVBE)

Effective July 28, 2009, Governor Schwarzenegger signed Assembly Bill (AB) X4 21 into law. This bill requires State departments to award a State-funded contract with a DVBE goal to the lowest responsible bidder meeting the DVBE contract goal. For a full copy of the notification, please open the attached document. For questions regarding the DVBE program, contact the Office of Business and Economic Opportunity at (916) 324-0449 or send an email to


Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program

Effective March 23, 2009, federally funded contracts advertised by the Department of Transportation will include race-conscious and race-neutral subcontracting requirements. Information about the program can be obtained from the Caltrans Office of Business and Economic Opportunity. State funded contracts are not affected by this change.


The Division of Procurement and Contracts provides services in the areas of procurement, publications, warehousing, service contracts, architectural and engineering contracts, minor public works contracts (under $281,000) and all emergency force account contracts for phase one emergencies that immediately restore services.

For information on Construction projects for contracts greater than $281,000 and long term emergency contracts, please go to the Caltrans Office Engineer Website and the Caltrans Division of Construction Website.



Limited English Proficiency and Sensory Services

The California Department of Transportation is responsible for ensuring that all persons, including LEP persons are provided equal access to its available services and information. The Department is committed to ensuring that all of its programs and services are accessible to its LEP customers in compliance with the Dymally-Alatorre Bilingual Services Act. This includes, but is not limited to, providing resources, including bilingual staff, interpreters, and translated materials to ensure that information and services will be made available in the languages readily understood by all Caltrans customers.

Spanish Translation

Chinese Translation

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